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Mindfulness Diploma Course

Mindfulness Diploma Course - Learn Online | Fully Accredited

Mindfulness is an exceptionally powerful tool that enables you to adopt a new mindset with a proven, lasting impact on the self-management of anxiety and stress. This it does by providing a framework to alter your outlook and mood from one of negativity to positivity through focusing one's awareness on the present moment. The Mindfulness Diploma Course guides you step-by-step through how to make mindfulness a way of life and reap the benefits of a positive outlook on life.

The course introduces you to the subject by answering the question, "What is Mindfulness?". This gives insight into the concepts mindfulness encompasses and its roots in Buddhism, along with exposing you to research that proves the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in significantly reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and other nervous disorders.

In the context of Mindfulness, the word "ego" represents the conscious, thinking mind and the sense of self that constant thinking develops within us. The problem is that the ego likes to be right and sticks its heels in and creates conflict and drama that doesn’t need to exist. This course will show you how, through using mindfulness, you can see your thoughts as projections of the ego, not your true self, and how to refocus on the truth in any given situation, rather than the need to be right.

You’ll explore the 3 key concepts of mindfulness: awareness (both internal and external), non-judgement (of others and ourselves), and living in the present moment (including how to calm runaway thoughts and how to avoid ruminating on past negative experiences). You’ll also follow exercises to help you practice these.

Many people come to the practice of mindfulness because they have symptoms of stress and anxiety. The Mindfulness Diploma Course looks at how easy it is to fall victim to these conditions by living "mindlessly" and how to work through this and tackle thoughts of suffering, grief, and feeling overwhelmed.

For most, it is easier to think negatively than to think positively. Positivity can take effort and intention, while negativity can be almost comfortable to slip into. However, the imagination, which we use in both states, can have a powerful impact on our psyche and general wellbeing. The power of the imagination is key to practising mindfulness and bringing about positive change. This course guides you on how to notice and change negative thinking and embrace positive imagining.

The practice of mindfulness can be deepened by being mindful not just with ourselves but with others. From the course, you will learn how to cultivate compassion, kindness and gratitude as well as how to set emotional boundaries, so you can better gauge whether the ego is coming into play or if someone is actually crossing the line, and how to tackle these situations.

Another way to deepen your mindfulness practice and an important practice in itself is meditation. While not necessarily essential in your pursuit of mindfulness, the course discusses how meditation will greatly aid your practice and your ability to be “in the moment” while not thinking or pursuing thoughts as they arise. You’ll be guided through a meditation and learn about the various ways you can practice.

It is important to seek support from professional sources when suffering from any of the following conditions. However, a mindful practice can support any medical treatment already being used in helping to overcome panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (ODC), depression, and addiction. The course explains how mindfulness can help in each case.

Mindfulness can also be used as a group therapy and as a management tool for stress reduction and team-building in work environments. You’ll explore both areas and how you can go about setting up your own mindfulness business.

The course rounds off with practical exercises, guidelines, and tips that you can use to help bring mindfulness into your daily life.

In addition to the written course materials, the Mindfulness Diploma Course also provides 9 videos, presented by the course author, giving you an alternative way to absorb the information. The videos included in the course are as follows:

✔ Introduction to Mindfulness
✔ What is the ego?
✔ Introduction to 3 Key Concepts
✔ Allowing the Mind to Control Us
✔ The Imagination – a Tool for Development?
✔ Introduction to Compassion and Boundaries
✔ Introduction to Meditation
✔ Introduction to Mindfulness as a Therapy (One to One)
✔ Benefits of Mindful Workers

The practice of mindfulness is something that everyone can benefit from. Being able to consider a situation and your own thoughts before acting is a powerful skill. It can aid you in both your personal and professional life - giving you the ability to make decisions based on fact, rather than emotion.

The course is particularly useful to those with conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety, as it provides practical techniques to overcome negative thoughts and feelings, in a way that is lasting, sustainable, and holistic.

Upon successful completion of the Mindfulness Diploma Course, you can work as a Mindfulness Practitioner either on a 1-2-1 basis or with groups of people. Counsellors, practitioners, and other mental health professionals will be able to use the knowledge gained in the course to better help their patients, by offering a holistic approach to health care that has proven results.

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