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Meditation Teacher Diploma Course

Meditation Teacher Diploma Course | Learn to Teach Mindfulness

Although meditation has been around for 5,000 years, it’s only recently that its popularity has begun to soar in the Western world. With people being more able to talk openly about mental health issues and needing headspace away from the ever-increasing busyness of modern life, the value of taking time out to bring peace to your mind is higher than ever. The Meditation Teacher Diploma Course guides you through servicing this need through creating your own meditation business and teaching practice.

The Meditation Teacher Training Course begins by broadening your knowledge of the types of meditation that exist. From the well-known, such as Zen and Mindfulness, to the niche and obscure, this in-depth knowledge of meditation types will be invaluable as you learn to teach meditation, and place you as an authority in your teaching practice.

You’ll be guided through the various aspects of teaching meditation – the physical, mental, and practical. Covering the physical, you’ll learn how to teach correct posture, breathing techniques, and dealing with symptoms such as tiredness and agitation. You’ll discover how to teach Mindfulness, dealing with resistance, and implementing meditation in the daily lives of your students. Then it’s onto the practical considerations of teaching meditation, such as session structure, payments, ongoing care, and communicating with your students.

In addition to helping you understand how to go about teaching meditation, you’ll also advance your practice and what you can offer others, as we talk you through advanced meditation concepts and techniques. These include brain-heart coherence, enlightenment, Yoga Nidra, the 10,000 Agendas, and many more. You’ll also learn about teaching meditation in schools, with particular focus on aiding exam stress. We go through the benefits of using meditation in this setting and how you can go about teaching.

To be successful, you also need to know how to set up and market your business. The Meditation Teacher Diploma Course guides you through structuring your business and marketing it effectively to attract clients.

The Meditation Teacher Diploma Course is an advanced level course that has been developed for those who know the basics of meditation and experienced meditators who want to teach.

With materials covering the various meditation types, advanced techniques, approaches to teaching various aspects of meditation, and guidance on how to create a business and attract students, the Meditation Teacher Diploma Course is your next step in meditation.

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