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Magical Herbalism Diploma Course

Magical Herbalism Diploma Course

The cultivation of herbs for medicinal use is something humanity has been doing long before recorded history. Most of us understand that many plants and herbs have inherent qualities that can alleviate various ailments but not as many of us understand, or are aware of, the use of herbs in magic. The Magical Herbalism Diploma Course reveals all – sharing knowledge, techniques and methods to cast potent spells to heal, protect, gain wisdom, attract good fortune, and more.

To give you a strong foundational knowledge before you delve into practising magical herbalism, you will first explore important figures and events in its history and the theories behind the practice, which includes the doctrine of signatures.

To ensure the spells you cast have the desired effect, it’s important to choose the right herbs. The Magical Herbalism Diploma Course goes into exhaustive detail on this very topic – listing what various herbs are used for in magic and suggestions as to how you might choose to use a particular herb. You’ll also learn about the myths and folklore associated with individual herbs and how this information can help you gain a greater understanding of them.

With herbs chosen, you will discover how to gather, prepare and store them correctly. You’ll learn about the importance of the lunar cycle in gathering your herbs and practising herbal magic and how it can empower your spells. You’ll also find out about the associations between individual herbs and planets and the role these relationships play in your spells.

Similarly, colour also holds great importance in increasing the potency of spells. The Magical Herbalism Diploma Course explains the meanings of individual colours and how candles can be used to support your herbal magic.

The course delivers step-by-step guidance on how to cast spells, as well as how to make an altar and create a sacred space in which to practice. You’ll also learn many methods of using your herbs in herbal magic, which can either be used in conjunction with a spell or simply to access the magical power of the herb. These methods include amulets, bathing, incense, infusions, infused oils, poppets, placing, ointments, poultices, salves, scrying and smudging.

The Magical Herbalism Diploma Course has been designed to provide the knowledge and capabilities needed for anyone to practice and benefit from the magical uses of herbs – making it perfect for anyone who is completely new to magic. This said, if you are already practising other forms of magic, you will learn a lot about the specificities and power of using herbs in your practice.

Upon completion of this course and familiarising yourself with the theories and practises of the techniques within, you will have gained enough knowledge to start your own group of like-minded individuals, either locally and/or through the internet. You can also add to your knowledge by taking our Natural Magic and Wicca diploma courses.

Magical Herbalism Diploma Course

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