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Kitchen Witchery Diploma Course

Kitchen Witchery Course | Kitchen Withcraft Spells & Recipes

The kitchen is the heart of the home - invite magic into yours by exploring the practice of kitchen witchery. Discover how to set your kitchen up with everything you’ll need to practice kitchen witchery and imbue your actions with intent, learn how to grow, store and use herbs for cooking, healing and more, practice magical techniques, and understand the goddesses and the importance of time.

Beginning with an outline of kitchen witchery, the course discusses the tools and foods you might use in your practice and their magical associations. You’ll learn how to set up a kitchen altar, the meanings of foods, and some common food superstitions.

A core concept of kitchen witchery is learning to live consciously and developing mindfulness. The Kitchen Witchery Diploma Course explores the concept of mindfulness in a practical way, giving you the tools you need to imbue your kitchen activities with intention.

Many kitchen witches prefer to use as few chemical cleaners as possible and may choose to make their own. You’ll learn how to make natural cleaning products for every room in your home and how to dispel negative energy and invite positive energy.

The course takes you outside, explaining how to grow a suitable kitchen witch’s garden. You’ll learn about the different types and meanings of herbs, enabling you to choose those that best correspond with your intent, and how to use them in various spells. With your herbs grown, you’ll learn how to gather, dry and store them for long-term use. You’ll also receive guidance on how to enchant your herbs, how to cook with them and which herbs go well with which food recipes.

From preparing herbs to preparing magical items, the Kitchen Witchery Diploma Course walks you through creating a witch bottle, herbal amulet, and poppets, along with instruction on making your own incense, infusions, ointments, and infusions. You’ll also be guided through the healing properties of common herbs and how to prepare various remedies.

The course introduces you to a variety of magical techniques including spell casting, using eggs to remove negativity, sunset and sunrise rituals, and creating moon water to use as part of your magical practice. Some example spells are included to get you started. You’ll also learn of the goddesses associated with kitchen witchery, who you might choose to honour in your work, and the house spirits who may help or hinder you, depending on how you treat them.

The concept of time is important to witches. You’ll learn the main pagan festivals that many witches observe, the seasonality of food and why it’s important to know, how to work with the phases of the moon and the types of activities best undertaken under each phase.

Fans of our Wicca, Hedgewitchery, Magic, and Herb courses will love the Kitchen Witchery Diploma Course, as will anyone interested in witchcraft and spellcasting in general or those wishing to add a little magic to their current culinary know-how.

The course does not require any prerequisite knowledge, being just as accessible to those new to the subject area as it is to those who have practised other forms of witchcraft or herbalism.

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