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Introduction to Tasseography Diploma Course

Introduction to Tasseography Diploma Course

Tasseography, also known as tasseomancy, is the sacred art of reading tea leaves or coffee grounds through identifying symbols and configurations and interpreting the messages within them.

The Introduction to Tasseography Diploma Course guides you through the enchanting practice - the history, theories, method, and interpretation process - in order to provide accurate, sometimes profound, readings.

Discover tasseography, its history, the process of tea reading, and tasseography theories. We’ll take a look at divination and explore its various forms, including those that use nature, pendulums, cards, and different types of clairsentience.

The course provides guidance in the use of tasseography, the ritual and its preparation, and the placement of tea leaves, along with the methodology used in tea leaf or coffee grounds reading.

You'll learn how to interpret the meaning of various animals and mythical creatures, vehicles, weapons, shapes, objects, letters, numbers and dots that appear during a reading. 

The course also includes a number of examples for you to practice your interpretation skills, guides you through the importance of delivering the information to the person you’re reading for, and explains the use of a Nelros Cup.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Discover the history, process, and theories of tasseography 
✔ Gain a greater understanding of divination
✔ Follow the method used to read tea leaves and coffee grounds
✔ Develop the interpretation skills required to provide accurate readings

Whether you have practised another form of divination previously or are completely new to the practice, the Introduction to Tasseography Diploma Course has something to offer.

Through successful completion of the course, you’ll have gained insight into the theories and methodology of tasseography and understand how to interpret meaning from tea leaves. You’ll be better positioned to read tea leaves for yourself, friends and family, and, with practice, you may even go on to read for clients.

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