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How to Grow a Youtube Channel Diploma Course

How to Grow Your Youtube Channel Fast

Creating a new YouTube channel, looking for ways to boost an existing channel or stuck at a growth plateau? Sharing essential techniques, strategies, and knowledge, this course provides all the tools you need to be successful. Learn about SEO, YouTube’s algorithm, creating quality content, branding, marketing, data analysis, and more.

The course will introduce you to the basics of YouTube’s algorithm and utilising SEO for the platform – two key knowledge components that are essential to growing a YouTube channel.
Once you have viewers clicking through to your videos, you need to keep them there with high-quality content. We’ll look at how to create content, what is meant by quality and how this can be developed over time. You will also learn how to create a brand to develop a long term viewer base.

You will learn about YouTube Analytics, how to use the various features offered by the YouTube Creators Studio to analyse and assess the performance of videos, and how to use the data available to achieve your desired growth rate.

The How to Grow a Youtube Channel Diploma Course explains how to use internal and external marketing to give your channel the best chance of success. Thumbnails, studying your competitors, collaborations, social media, community boards, pay-per-click, and more are all covered. You’ll also learn the basics of monetisation, ethical monetisation and various methods to diversify and increase revenue streams.

The course explains how to use outsourcing to ramp up growth and lists the common pitfalls of running a channel, so that you may avoid them.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand SEO techniques and how the YouTube algorithm works
✔ Learn how to plan content and build a consistent brand
✔ Know how to use YouTube Analytics to gain insight into your content’s performance
✔ Discover internal and external marketing methods to bring in more video views
✔ Explore various methods of monetisation
✔ Learn the risks and rewards outsourcing can bring to your workflow
✔ Be aware of some of the major mistakes that channels make when trying to grow

The How to Grow a Youtube Channel Diploma Course has been created to provide you with insight into how YouTube works and actionable strategies to help you increase your channel’s views and subscribers. Turn your passion into a meaningful showcase of your skills, an additional income stream, side career or possibly even a full-time occupation.

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