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History of the British Monarchy Diploma Course

History of the British Monarchy

The story of the British monarchy is the story of England and Britain. There have been 61 monarchs but many more who struggled to make the throne theirs. Thus, the road towards the crown has not always been a straight and simple one. Instead, it has been laid down through striving and sweat, often upon the battlefield and the blood of others, but also through the machinations of government or the overpowering will of the people.

Broken up into 10 modules — each covering an era or the house that ruled at a particular time in the monarchy’s history — the History of the British Monarchy Diploma Course highlights not only the successional path of those who sat upon the throne but discusses who they were and how they got there. 

In doing so, it presents a compelling history of one of the most powerful seats of rule that ever existed in Europe and the world, and shares many surprising facts and stories that will expand your knowledge of the remarkable British monarchy.

In the course, you will learn:

✔ Gain insight into Britain’s rulers
✔ Understand the impact made by those who held and lost the throne
✔ Learn about the history of Britain
✔ Understand Britain’s changing status within the world

Since the discovery of the British Isles in the time of the Iron Age, there have been people vying to rule the land. From the Celts to the Romans, the Saxons to the Normans, men and women have staked their claim in British soil, declaring themselves chieftains, rulers and kings.

If you are interested in British history, this course tells it from the point of view of its rulers - the 61 monarchs of England and Britain. Each of whom brought something unique to the history of the throne and the country, and forged it into the powerhouse it is today. Their stories are of ambitions, dreams, demands and betrayals — they are gripping, full of interest and intrigue, sometimes shocking and often surprising. Their stories are the history of Britain.

Learn British History

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