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Hekate Diploma Course

Hekate Diploma Course

Hekate is a complex and multi-faceted deity. In the Hekate Diploma Course, we’ll unravel not just her history, mythology and iconography but how to work with the deity – calling forth her powers for personal transformation, to make positive changes in your life, and to gain some of her deep wisdom.

We’ll examine who Hekate is through history, mythology, art, and religion, particularly through the lens of classical texts and myths.

We’ll work with Hekate and learn how her magical aspects can be invoked through tarot and divination, rituals, prayers and evocations. We’ll look at creating a grimoire—a magical journal to channel Hekate through the written word and how to contact Hekate through various magical, creative and meditative practices.

Through the course, you will explore how to work with the unconscious, dreams and mystical expression. You’ll learn how to integrate with Hekate’s archetypes to begin to transform your own life, unveil your soul’s innate purpose and path, and, through alchemy, become your greatest self.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Discover who Hekate is and her place in place in history and culture
✔ Understand how to evoke and work directly with Hekate for personal transformation
✔ Become familiar with how to incorporate Hekate in your divination and magic practices
✔ Learn about the subconscious and how to undertake shadow work

Whilst the Hekate Diploma Course will teach you about the deity from an academic perspective, the main benefit of the course is to work with Hekate for creative, spiritual, personal development and shadow work or divinatory purposes. You’ll discover how she can be part of your inner life or outer life or both – inspiring you to develop power and possibilities from within.

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