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Hedgewitchery Diploma Course

Hedgewitchery Diploma Course

Hedgewitchery is not just for ceremonial or special occasions, it is an everyday occurrence, a magic that is already a part of you, though you may not have realised it. The Hedgewitchery Diploma Course reveals the truths, common beliefs and spirituality of the practice, along with the festivals included in the hedgewitch calendar, how hedgewitches work with elementals and how you can follow the craft yourself.

The Hedgewitchery Diploma Course begins by providing a gentle introduction to the subject. This includes an exploration of the primary components of hedgewitchery and its practices, who hedgewitches were, where the term came from, and how the practice can be applied today. Alongside this, you will gain insight into the various branches of witchcraft and how hedgewitchery differs to these other forms.

The spirituality of a hedgewitch varies greatly from person to person, however, the importance of nature is core to anyone following the Craft (Witchcraft), you will discover why this is. You will also learn how hedgewitches use meditation and be guided through how to do visualisation and object meditations.

"The Turning of the Wheel" is a term used by practitioners of the Craft to describe the seasons and passing changes of Earth. The Hedgewitchery Diploma Course discusses how central the Earth, stars and nature are in determining the path of a hedgewitch and how they honour the full moon and celebrate the Equinoxes.

Following on from this, you will learn about the various festivals of nature that hedgewitches partake in and the recipes and magical practices that accompany these, as well as the elemental beings attached to each festival. You’ll also be guided through potent spells and potions to use in each season and the benefits of these.

You’ll learn about the importance of having a spiritual connection to nature and the elemental beings of earth, including the fae, woodland and forest energies, and beings of pure light. You’ll take a detailed look at fairies, pixies, elves and unicorns, and how to work with each of these elementals. The course also takes you beyond the earth elementals, to explore mermaids, dragons, and sphinxes and how, as a hedgewitch, you can encourage contact with these beings.

Trees hold a very sacred place in the heart of a hedgewitch, with four trees, in particular, being the first trees we begin to learn the Language of Life from. The course explains the significance of these four trees in the spirituality and practices of a hedgewitch: The Oak King, Grandmother Willow, Sister Birch, and Grandfather Yew.

Although each hedgewitch has a common set of beliefs, the trees, elementals, and the Turning of the Wheel, the actual practices and daily rituals are unique to each person. This said the Hedgewitchery Diploma Course provides examples of the practices and beliefs that a hedgewitch may follow, including a daily ritual, the keeping of a Grimoire or Book of Shadows, and the basic correspondences, sacred herbs and forms of divination used.

For those interested in witchcraft, and hedgewitchery in particular, the Hedgewitchery Diploma Course will dispel the misconceptions concerned with the practice and explain the differences between hedgewitchery and other forms of the Craft.

The course welcomes beginners, who have no prior knowledge of witchcraft, as it explains everything fully. Those who have studied or practice other forms of witchcraft will learn the specifics of hedgewitchery and how to practice it, both spiritually and through practical application.

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