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Green Witchcraft Diploma Course

Green Witchcraft Course - Online | Become a Green Witch

What is green witchcraft and how does it differ from other witch and Wicca traditions? This question is the starting point of the Green Witchcraft Diploma Course. Many people assume that green witches are nature-worshippers. Of course, to a certain extent, they are. But so too are many other witches of different disciplines. And while the green witch’s reverence for Mother Earth and her bounty may run deeper than most, the truth is, this respect for nature is but a piece of the whole part that makes up a green witch’s path. This course explores what it really means to be a green witch and how a person living that truth can deepen their faith even in today’s modern world.

Beginning with a definition of what it means to be a green witch, the course gives you an overview of the history of witchcraft. You’ll also learn how green witchcraft differs from Wicca, hedge witchery, kitchen witches and other practices.

From this introduction, you’ll jump straight into the powers of the green witch as you learn what a green witch’s magic is and what the sacredness of nature means to those following the green path.

Through studying the Green Witchcraft Diploma Course you’ll learn how to work closely and in collaboration with Mother Nature and her power. You’ll gain an understanding of what it means to tune into your environment, the importance of developing your five senses, and how to embrace the magic of trees and nature’s elements as a means of healing both body and spirit.

You’ll discover ritual and spell-making and follow guidance on grounding and centring techniques - essentials in helping to manage your personal energetic flow. The tools used in green witchcraft are outlined, along with explanations of how they are used.

The Green Witchcraft Diploma Course guides you through the use of hearth magick. You’ll learn the importance of the hearth in ancient times and ways to emulate a hearth in a modern home. You’ll learn how to make use of the energy and magical properties of plants, particularly herbs, and how to enhance your five senses. To this end, you’ll be guided in how to create a green witch garden, tend it, and plant and harvest in tandem with moon cycles.

As most witches celebrate seasonal cycles and rituals, you will learn about the Wheel of the Year and the eight festivals associated with it. You’ll discover what it truly means to walk the green path as you learn about wildcrafting, working with crystals and harnessing the energy of the sun, moon and stars.

The Green Witchcraft Diploma Course will teach you the 10 spells often cast in green witchcraft. These include spells for protection, banishing negativity, letting go, and deepening love. All of these spells promote balance and harmony and for that reason, you’ll learn the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of casting spells so that this strong tie to creating harmony is not broken before it has begun.

By the end of the course, you will learn: 

Understand how a green witch’s path differs from that of other witches
✔ Be mindful of the similarities you have with your fellow witches
✔ Know what it means to walk the green path
✔ Have the tools to create a green home and garden
✔ Be able to work in harmony with the elements, the sun, stars and moon
✔ Understand herb magick
✔ Be well-versed in casting various spells

The Green Witchcraft Diploma Course offers a definition of green witchcraft that is threaded throughout 10 modules. In doing this, it also shows a way for those new to the green path to practice and deepen their craft. This means exploring ways of working with the energy of the earth, harnessing power from plant life, the elements and solar objects.

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