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Goddess Connections Diploma Course

Goddess Energy Course | Online Training | Find Your Goddess

The goddess is always in tune with her inner divine feminine energy, and is an awakened woman full of strength, wisdom, creativity, confidence, and nurturing energy. She is connected to her intuition, sacred power, the elements of earth, and nature’s beauty. She knows and understands her value and stands gracefully, open to receive love and light. She knows her worth by nurturing herself with love and never accepting anything less than she deserves.

The Goddess Connection Diploma Course is your guide on the journey to find your inner goddess.

The Goddess Connection Diploma Course dives straight in with an exploration of the seven main chakras, the importance of these in the body, how to unleash your inner goddess, how to nurture your inner goddess and the benefits of doing so.

From there, we examine the various Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, Hindu and Buddhist mythical goddess archetypes, before exploring the Maat Principle,  its seven Universal Principles and 42 Laws. We also look at The Mother Archetype and the Blessed Virgin as The Great Mother archetype.

Through the Goddess Connection Diploma Course, we explore the concept of the Divine Feminine and her traits, ways of silencing your inner critic and learn the importance of self-affirmation. You’ll gain an understanding of the various archetype energies of the Divine Feminine -  The Empress, The Priestess, The Lover and The Warrioress - and how to access the gifts of the Divine Feminine.

As your understanding grows, we examine the various ways you can connect with your inner goddess. We look at the importance of celebrating all of your senses, how to become aware of the power of nature, and why dressing to please yourself is so important.

As you go through the process, you’ll observe the various signs that your inner goddess is flowering. We walk you through recognising these signs and how they will change your life daily.

The Goddess Connection Diploma Course will help you to silence your inner critic, heal your wounds and nurture your heart. You’ll grow to understand, connect and maintain a healthy relationship with your inner goddess, embrace the power of the Divine Feminine, and make a soul-level connection with yourself to unleash your goddess energy and allow your mind, body, and soul to thrive.

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