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Introduction to Forest Schooling Diploma Course

Introduction to Forest Schooling Diploma Course

A learning method that reconnects children to the natural world, forest schooling takes teaching to our forests and woodland areas. It provides a holistic learning experience that focuses on the development of a child, not just academically but as an individual - building self-esteem, social skills, the ability to problem-solve and other characteristics, in addition to some aspects of a traditional syllabus.

Discover the forest schooling learning method – how it differs from other forms of outdoor education and its benefits both to children – with insight into how it can help those with additional needs and your career. You’ll also learn essential information about physical, psychological, and emotional development in children and the ways in which forest schooling can support these.

We’ll take you through the practical activities of forest schooling and what is involved in each. You’ll learn about tree-climbing, obstacle courses and other games, sensory walks, foraging, shelter-building, nature-based arts and crafts, woodworking, animal tracking, and the most popular forest school activity — campfire building. The course also covers the safety measures that are taken, especially with those activities that have an element of risk.

You’ll learn about the neuroscience that backs the forest schooling approach and take a look into some of the therapeutic benefits of this learning method.

This course will take you from complete novice to understanding the multifaceted developmental benefits that forest schooling offers.

You may be a parent looking to get your child involved with a forest school or other outdoors group, an educator wishing to understand the benefits of forest schooling and how it can support students in more than just their academic proficiency, or you may be considering undertaking a professional qualification and wish to learn more about the subject.

Whatever your motivation, this course will help you to understand how forest schooling can help to transform modern education to benefit the wellbeing of children.

Please note, the completion of this course does not qualify you to lead forest school sessions but will give you insight into the subject and its place within child education and development. To run a forest school you will need to complete a recognised qualification.

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