Earth Angels Diploma Course
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Earth Angels Diploma Course

Earth Angels Diploma Course

7th and 9th-dimensional, spiritually-evolved beings - earth angels take on human form to bring us peace, light and love. Journey with us through the Earth Angels Diploma Course and explore these incredible beings and whether you may be one...

We begin by considering what an earth angel is, the common characteristics they share that set them apart from other humans, and what it means to be born within the 7th and 9th dimensions.

As you begin to understand what an earth angel is, you may consider whether you may be one. We look at traits earth angels often demonstrate in childhood and adulthood, and the course includes a questionnaire - the answers to which may indicate whether you may be an earth angel.

We’ll look at the symptoms of an earth angel awakening, new age thinking about the angelic realm, the various spiritual families, including the similarities and differences between earth angels and lightworkers, and earth angels and starseeds. The course also covers the types of beings connected with earth angels, including walk-ins, incarnated elementals, incarnated angels, wise ones and star persons.

The path an earth angel walks is not an easy one. We’ll discuss the difficulties and hardships of being an earth angel, the societal pressure placed on an earth angel’s wellbeing and how they draw all kinds of people towards them. We’ll learn energetic and spiritual protection methods and physical and spiritual self-care techniques.

We’ll consider how to discover and follow our life’s purpose, how to find work that fulfils us as individuals and the different career paths that earth angels will best resonate with. We will also consider how to stay grounded in times of psychic stress, how to increase your psychic abilities and the various kinds of psychic abilities that exist.

The course concludes with a look at famous earth angels, how to create a sacred space and earth angels in old age.

The Earth Angels Diploma Course will give you great insight into how to identify earth angels and determine if you may even be one. You will also develop a great understanding of how you, as an earth angel, can deal with the various relationships you have and how to better understand yourself.

Earth Angels

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