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Druidism Diploma Course

Druidism Course Online | Modern Study to Become a Druid

Thousands of years ago, a mystical group of priests walked the land, known as the Druids. They were the religious leaders, teachers, healers, magicians, and guides of the Celtic people. While these ancient scholars and sages are no more, the legacy of these learned men and women has been upheld in a reinterpretation of their most significant power and practices, and many have felt called to walk the Druid Path.

Follow this Path. Take the Druidism Diploma Course and learn the history of the Druids, the importance of nature, the deities some call on as guides, and techniques of meditation, magic, divination, and ritual.

The Druidism Diploma Course jumps straight into the subject, by defining what it means to be a modern Druid, highlighting the connection to its ancient Celtic past and how this has informed certain foundational Druid beliefs today. You’ll be presented with its history, its role in Arthurian lore, and the modern-day Druids’ openness to new and ever-changing spiritual ideas.

From this base of understanding, you’ll discover how today’s Druids take the teachings of the past and apply them to modern practice. You will explore the idea of ethical living from a Druidic perspective, and be introduced to concepts such as Awen and having reverence for our ancestors.

Through this online Druidism Course, you’ll learn what magic means to today’s practising Druids, as you are introduced to shape-shifting, weather magic, and herb magic. You’ll also learn about the many divination methods that Druids used and how modern Druids continue this ancient skill, with particular emphasis on reading ogham and the runes.

You’ll explore three of the primary reasons that meditation is used in Druidry. You’ll be taught specific exercises that can help in preparing you for meditation, as well as being introduced to a Druid Meditation that is often used today. The course defines what is meant by land and plant spirits and guides you in using meditation and ritual to lay the foundation for genuine and long-lasting communication.

As a practising Druid, you should understand the eight main Druid festivals. The Druidism Diploma Course guides you through each - highlighting their importance to the Druid tradition, as well as offering simple ways for a solitary Druid (or one who is not aligned with a specific grove or order) to mark these important dates. You’ll also be guided through performing a ritual from start to finish while leaving room for you to define the steps of the ritual in your own way.

By the end of this course, you will learn: 

Be able to begin your journey on the Druid Path
✔ Know the essential elements of being a modern-day Druid
✔ Have a deeper understanding of the history of the Druids
✔ Adapt to ancient Druid magic in a modern way
✔ Be well-versed in various Druid techniques
✔ Understand divination and know how to use Ogham and read the runes
✔ Be aware of the benefits of Druid meditation and know how to do it
✔ Be able to connect with land and plant spirits
✔ Be familiar with the Eightfold Wheel of the Year and its importance to Druid practice
✔ Have the confidence to conduct your own Druid rituals

The Druidism Diploma Course speaks to those attracted to practise with a group or order, as much as those moved to adopt Druid beliefs and methods as part of how they want to live their lives as individuals. It explains what Druids - both past and present - are all about, and then gives you tools and techniques to use as you see fit within your own practise of this ancient but ever-evolving spiritual art.

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