Criminology Diploma Course
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Criminology Diploma Course

Diploma in Criminology

Simply put, criminology is the study of crime - a broad field of study that encompasses all factors and stake-holders involved in crime. This includes analysis of geographical factors, statistics, causes of crime, consequences of crime, and reactions to crime.

From this diploma in criminology, you will learn what crime is, how it is caused, and the various types of crimes and the consequences of committing them. You’ll gain insight into the major criminal organisations in operation around the world and explore the UK and US criminal justice systems.

This online course begins by defining criminology - explaining what it is, summing up its history, and exploring its evolution.

We’ll explore the various schools of thought within criminology - Positivist School, Chicago School, Classical School and Neo-Classicist School - along with social structure theories. We’ll also discuss violent crime, property crime, cybercrime and white-collar crime, and look at crime statistics and trends in the UK, US, and internationally.

Many crimes occur as a direct result of the use and distribution of illegal narcotics, so it’s important to understand the substances involved. You’ll be guided through the five main drugs that are central to the problem. We’ll also examine the five major international organised crime groups and take a look at terrorism.

We consider the steps that can be taken to prevent crime from occurring - as individuals, family members, and as a society. We’ll discover crime prevention methods, the community’s role in crime prevention, and how to prevent youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

You’ll learn about the UK criminal justice system, elements of criminal law, criminal defences and the UK criminal justice process. We also take a look at the foundations of US criminal law, the three sources of law, and the difference between UK and US law and legislation.

The course concludes with a look at how forensic psychology is informed by research in many other areas, the scientific and clinical-based approaches to forensic psychology and the variety of techniques used when working with offenders.

The Criminology Diploma Course will be of interest to those who wish to delve into and understand the criminal mind and the societal and individual factors that can lead to criminal behaviour.

The course is perfect for anyone who works within the community, in particular with those who may be at risk of, or who are currently, engaging in criminal activities.

The course will also be of interest to anyone studying criminal psychology, philosophy, sociology, political science or even economics - as it provides an understanding of why an individual may turn to criminality and the various effects crime has on society.


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