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Cosmology Diploma Course

Cosmology Diploma Course

When you look up at the sky and at the world around you, are you filled with wonder at how it came to be? At how the universe is larger than we may even be able to comprehend? If so, the Cosmology Diploma course is for you.

The scientific study of the large-scale properties of the universe, Cosmology is a branch of astronomy that endeavours to grasp the origin, evolution, and fate of the Universe.

From the Cosmology Diploma Course, you will learn about various aspects of the universe, including theories that aim to explain its origins and the various models used to understand it.

The Cosmology Diploma Course begins with a definition of the subject’s parameters, its history, impact, and the different types of cosmology - physical, religious, metaphysical and esoteric.

You’ll explore cosmological observations - such as the cosmic microwave background, redshift surveys, gravitational wave observations, neutrino observations and dark matter sea. The course discusses inflation and the very early universe - delving into the flatness problem, the horizon problem, the monopole problem, the inflation solution and the physics of inflation. It also covers visible matter, dark matter in galaxies, and gravitational lensing, and explains what dark matter is.

Through studying the Cosmology Diploma Course, you’ll discover several cosmological theories that have been developed throughout history. These include the Copernican universe, cartesian universe, Anaxagorian universe, atomist universe, the partially heliocentric universe and oscillating universe theories.

We consider the various Big Bang models, with a look at the initial hypotheses of the Friedman model, the standard model, parametric tests, paradoxes of the standard model and non-standard models.

The Cosmology Diploma Course concludes with a look at fractal models - fractal geometry, fractal structures, multifractal properties of luminous matter distribution, and Newtonian fractal models.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Become familiar with various types of cosmology and the subject’s history
✔ Gain a greater understanding of the Universe
✔ Understand theories that try to explain the origins of the universe
✔ Learn about matter and the physics used to express the universe

From theories to physics, philosophy to science, if you are interested in the wider universe and humanity’s place in it, the Cosmology Diploma Course will take you on a journey of discovery that will bring you closer to the stars than ever before and provide humbling insight into this fascinating subject.

If you have studied our Astronomy Diploma Course, this course is the perfect accompaniment, as it focuses on the origin, evolution, and fate of the universe.

Cosmology Diploma Course

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