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Complete Guide to Bike Maintenance

Complete Guide to Bike Maintenance

Keep your bike out of the repair shop and on the road by gaining the skills and knowledge you need to maintain your favorite ride.

Cross country racer, bike maintenance expert and YouTuber Daniel Dziemieszonek will teach you how to properly service, repair and adjust every part of your bicycle to keep it working seamlessly for years to come.

In this course you will learn:

✔ How to inspect and troubleshoot  both mountain and road bikes, newer and older models
✔ The most common bike maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them
✔ How to adjust your bike’s brakes, suspension, and front and back derailleurs
✔ Which bike tools you need to invest in and why
✔ How to service each area of your bicycle, including wheels, chain, brakes, headset, bearings and more
✔ How to build your own bike right at home

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Bike Maintenance

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