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Channelling Diploma Course

Channelling Course - Online Training | Learn How to Channel

Deepen your spirituality and discover messages of guidance - the ability to channel is not a gift but something anyone with enough dedication can learn. The Channelling Diploma Course is your guide on the journey to gain this ability.

The Channelling Diploma Course eases you into the subject with an explanation of what channelling is, the various types of channelling and the benefits of the practice, both for yourself and others. You’ll expand upon this channelling training and knowledge with a look at the various forms of channelling: trance, conscious, clairvoyant, and medium.

From this foundation, you’ll go on to discover how channelling and possession work, the benefits of taking charge of your destiny, how to cleanse your inner being, and how to recognise the signs of genuine channelling.

Bolstering your understanding of the subject, the Channelling Diploma Course discusses the history of channelling in ancient societies, the difference between occultism and spiritualism and the importance channelling had in prehistoric times. We also dive into literary works about channelling.

With a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge to build upon, the second half of the course concentrates on the practical. You’ll learn how to enhance your psychic abilities, protect your energy, and properly prepare yourself for channelling. We look at the importance of being in the right mindset for channelling, creating higher consciousness states, how various habits can lead to good trance states and various experiences you may face during the process of channelling.

Of course, every path has its obstacles and channelling is no different. We explore why you may have trouble connecting, the effects that interference from lower beings and negative or conflicting emotions can have, and how to tackle these issues.

Through the Channelling Diploma Course, you’ll be guided through the equipment and spiritual technology that can help you to channel: incense, crystals, spirit objects, mantras, chants and drums. We also look at connecting with angels, finding nature spirits, which saints to connect with and the value of ancestors.

The Channelling Diploma Course is for the curious, the open-minded, and those dedicated to spiritual and personal growth. It is also useful if you are seeking help with other guided therapies and if you wish to forge a better connection with your spirit guides.

You may choose to channel for others or to develop a closer relationship with your guides and angels. This course will allow you to receive their guidance in a more direct manner.

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