Ayurvedic Herbalism Diploma Course
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Ayurvedic Herbalism Diploma Course

Ayurvedic Herbalist Course

Immerse yourself in the fascinating and beautifully-interconnected philosophy, principles, practises, and concepts of Ayurveda. Learn how to put these to practical use as you begin your Ayurvedic herbal healing journey with us.

Learn the concepts of purusha and prakriti and the three gunas, and explore the seven dhatus (tissues) of the body and the forces of ojas and prana.

You’ll discover how the five elements are expressed within people and herbs, how the three doshas form the constitutional framework of Ayurveda and how each is expressed in the herbal world.

You’ll study agni (the digestive fire) and ama (toxins), as herbal work in these two areas are often seen as the heart of Ayurvedic healthcare. You’ll learn about the body systems, known as the srotas, and how herbs have system affinities that allow you to choose the best herbs for any condition.

We’ll explore the exciting topic of herbal energetics and the tastes of herbs, along with other energetic principles that will shape your herbal choices. Also helping to guide your herb choices, you’ll learn key herbal therapeutic actions used in Ayurveda.

The course discusses the process of detoxification - looking at dosha-specific herbal strategies along with achievable lifestyle advice. You’ll be immersed in interesting herbal profiles as you study Ayurvedic herbs and Western herbs through an Ayurvedic lens. You will learn all the different ways herbs are prepared and administered, how much to give, and the best times to dose different herbs.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Become familiar with Ayurvedic philosophy, principles, practises, and concepts
✔ Consider a different approach to using herbs
✔ Be able to choose herbs with more specificity
✔ Understand the importance of agni and ama
✔ Explore the energetics of plants
✔ Learn the preparation and administration methods of herbs used in Ayurveda

You may have studied Ayurveda before and wish to learn more about the use of herbs within the discipline. You may have studied herbalism and would like to understand the use of herbs from the Ayurvedic perspective. You may be completely new to the whole subject. 

Whatever your reason, the Ayurvedic Herbalism Diploma Course is perfect for those eager to consider a different approach to herbs, the body and the mind.

Ayurvedic herbs

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