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Astral Projection Diploma Course

Astral Projection Diploma Course

This comprehensive and powerful course will teach you everything that you need to know about the fascinating world of Astral Projection.

Have you ever woken up from what you thought was a dream but your senses are relaying to you that you are not lying in your bed? Maybe your nose feels like it is touching the ceiling? Or have you had the sensation of falling back into your body and woken up with a shock? Then you might have experienced an ‘Out-Of-Body Experience’ (OBE). This is when the astral body disconnects from the physical body and travels to other places or realms, and this is what is meant by astral projection. This exciting in-depth course will give you the techniques used to astral project your spiritual body. Taking this course and learning to travel through the astral planes, you may experience an increase in personal development and psychic abilities, sleep more deeply and find meditation becomes more restorative.

This Astral Projection Diploma is very comprehensive in its entirety with each of the modules building on the last. There are several techniques for you to practice along the way and assessments to take at the end of each module. You can track your progress and build on your knowledge throughout the course. You will be excited to start on the first of your astral travels and see how you progress over time. At the end of the course, you will be in full control of your travels and might even set up your own astral travel practice, passing on your gift to clients who want to astral travel also.

Astral projection is believed to have been practised for centuries. It is part of our global memory and consciousness. You will learn about its history and how we got to where we are today. You will learn about twenty-first-century theories on astral projection and how it can be used in a modern practice. There are many practitioners currently recording and recounting their experiences in order to prove it is a real phenomenon. As a student of astral travel you could be the next big name in history to light the way.

The many planes of consciousness and their meaning will be covered in the course. We will look at the astral plane in-depth and how you would access it for astral projection. You will then look at the brain and the different states of consciousness from being awake and fully alert to almost zero brain function. The theta waves are where the brain is in a suitably relaxed state and this would be the optimum level for astral travel. This is where you are not fully awake and just before you go deeper into sleep.

You will learn about relaxation techniques which will be of huge benefit to you. They will illustrate how to ease the stresses and tensions of your mind, body and emotions. Once under control of these relaxation techniques, you will be primed for astral travel. Relaxation is a requisite for astral projection, for an out-of-body experience it is necessary to be in a relaxed state of mind and body.

The course explores meditation and mindfulness techniques which will be invaluable for you, not only to get maximum benefits from life in general but also perfect your astral technique, making it easier to leave your body at will.

Lucid dreaming is an exciting topic which is covered in the course. This kind of dreaming can be mastered too and performed at will. Sleep paralysis, and why this phenomenon is a good place to start astral travel from, is also covered.

Later during the course, you will learn about spiritual movement during astral projection. You will learn how to manage and control your spiritual energy and even share your astral energy with others in astral ecstasy. You will also learn how to overcome fears, obstacles and challenges within the astral realm. The course will explain how to explore different dimensions and time continuums with a partner or group, and how to protect your journeys.

Finally, the course shows you how to set up your own astral projection practice. It guides you on the legal and insurance aspects including naming your business and getting your workroom organised. It will give you great tips for dealing with clients, how to make sure they are satisfied, and if they are not, how to deal with their complaints.

Astral projection is a fascinating practice and an excellent discipline to learn. For the more spiritually aware students, this course will cement what they have already learnt whilst broadening their knowledge and vision of other realms.

For the most part, people who do astral travel are trying to become more spiritually aware and grow in their understanding of the universe. Whatever your conscious raising techniques have been so far, or the subjects that you a have read, you can go deeper into them through an out-of-body experience. The insights and learnings from this intriguing course are there for everyone to discover.

If you are simply curious about astral projection and want to know how it works, then this course will provide you with answers.

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