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Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course

Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course

Learn how to assess your current aromatherapy toolkit and explore exciting new ingredients to add to your kit. Through the Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course, you’ll learn how to make a diverse range of products to showcase your aromatherapy skills, with a focus on improving your ingredient knowledge and broadening your therapeutic strategies.

Whether you are new to aromatherapy or eager to add to your existing aromatherapy or other complementary therapy knowledge, the Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course will help to broaden your holistic healing skill set.

You’ll deepen your ingredient knowledge in a structured but fun way and gain confidence in curating a diverse but focused toolkit - enabling you to make products for yourself, loved ones and clients.

You’ll learn to think creatively about the individual health needs of each of your clients and how to use and adapt solid base recipes to customise products to remedy the issues presented - improving your product-making confidence and helping you to formulate new ideas.

You’ll fine-tune your holistic approach to product-making, as you learn about various skin types and the unique underlying triggers of various common health issues, along with which essential oils and carrier oils are best suited to various skin types.

You will also learn some of the less-commonly taught strands of aromatherapy, including first aid and home cleaning. You’ll also be encouraged to think about how you could earn an income from the products you make.

The Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course will be of interest to novices and practising aromatherapists alike, along with students of aromatherapy, holistic healing practices or natural product creation courses.

Covering a diverse array of product formulations, this thought-provoking and creatively stimulating course works from the ground up to introduce you to the subject or expand your existing knowledge. You’ll learn how to create your own safe and effective holistic products suitable for your clients’ individual needs, whilst diversifying your business service offering.

Aromatherapy Toolkit Diploma Course

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