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Akashic Records Diploma Course

Akashic Records Training Course | Read the Akashic Records

Although the definition differs, the Akashic records are known to be a hall or library where the information and wisdom of every soul is kept. Through studying this Akashic records training course, you will learn more about the records and how you can access and interpret them for yourself and others.

What are the Akashic records? Where are they kept? Why do people read them? What does the word "Akashic" mean? The course introduces you to the subject by answering all these questions and providing a clear picture of the concepts underlying the Akashic records and Akashic reading.

From this foundation of understanding, you will build your knowledge, exploring the "Hall" or "Library" that houses the records. You’ll learn what a ‘Soul Book’ is and what its contents include, and be guided through the concepts of reincarnation and karma and their importance in your understanding of the Akashic records. You’ll also be taken through the work of three important figures who helped popularise the idea of the Akashic records: H.P. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce.

Alongside the theoretical side of your studies, the Akashic Records Diploma Course provides practical guidance on how to access the Akashic records. You’ll learn about the following methods of gaining access: astral projection, gaining help from angels or a spiritual being, Akashic meditation, and prayer.

You’ll also look at ways to increase the likelihood of gaining access to the records by considering the "clair" skillset, understanding the importance of doubt and trust when working on your abilities, and recording and improving upon your sessions.

In gaining access to the Akashic records, you may have questions which you wish to ask or you may want to query the records to learn about yourself, but you don’t have something specific to ask. Through studying the Akashic Records Diploma Course you’ll explore four powerful questions you can ask that will help your spiritual development:

Where does my soul come from?
✔ What have I been training for between lifetimes?
✔ What have I come here to learn?
✔ What have I come here to contribute?

To interpret what they find, many find it beneficial to use a spiritual ‘framework’ or belief system as they consult the Akashic records. In the course, you’ll look at the various aspects and elements that can make up a framework, this includes the seven realms, life lessons, soul groups of origin, and archetypes.

In addition to providing the information you need to read the Akashic records, the course covers techniques that can help to further develop your skills. You’ll learn what the following are and how each can help: purifying your intention, shadow work, and deep listening.

As you build confidence in your ability to read the Akashic records for yourself you may wish to offer to read other people’s records. This course advises on how to do so ethically, how to work out what to charge, and why it is important to know about energetic protection and management.

To conclude the course, you will look at three cases of people who have accessed the Akashic records in different ways - giving insight into the power of the Akashic records and how they can be used.

Designed to be accessible to absolute beginners, this course provides the knowledge you need to understand the Akashic records and guidance on making your first visits. It is also just as relevant if you already use psychic and intuitive skills and want to understand how you can use your current knowledge to access the records.

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