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Advanced Tarot Diploma Course

Advanced Tarot Course | Online & Accredited Cartomacy

Expand your knowledge of tarot with the Advanced Tarot Diploma Course. You’ll learn the theories and iconology of tarot, how to design your own spreads and cards, other card decks used for divination and how you can adapt techniques from these to tarot, and how to set up and operate a business as a professional tarot reader.

In addition to containing practical information about conducting readings – including how to interpret reversed cards and approach card combinations – it discusses a wide range of theories that apply to tarot. In this vein, there is discussion about Hermeticism, the Kabbalah, astrology and Jungian theory in relation to tarot.

A look at the iconography of tarot and its evolution is included to aid your understanding of the images on the cards. Although most useful for those who use a Marseilles-based deck, Rider-Waite deck users will also find the course useful, as these images and their associations were used as a basis for the Rider-Waite. While many of the meanings would have been common knowledge in the past, and indeed when the Rider-Waite deck was designed, some are no longer as well-known and aren’t necessarily addressed in tarot books.

The Advanced Tarot Diploma Course also includes modules on designing your own spreads and tarot cards to enable you to further personalise your tarot readings to suit your personal approach.

A discussion on card decks within wider cartomancy, other than tarot, that are used for divination not only outlines the make-up of such decks but also considers techniques that you might find useful to adapt to tarot reading.

Finally, the Advanced Tarot Diploma Course contains a module that addresses going into business as a tarot reader for those who are considering taking it up professionally. It discusses a number of issues you need to be aware of and gives advice on how to set up and operate a business as a professional tarot reader.

The Advanced Tarot Diploma Course is designed for those who have already taken the beginners’ Tarot Diploma Course, have studied the basics of tarot elsewhere, or are self-taught and wish to expand their knowledge. It assumes that you already know how to use tarot cards to conduct a reading.

By studying this course, you can deepen your existing knowledge of tarot and discover approaches that you may otherwise have been unfamiliar with.

The course is equally suitable for those who use Marseilles or Rider-Waite style decks.

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