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Raw Chocolate Video Course

Raw Chocolate Video Course

The Raw Chocolate Video Course will show exactly how, with step-by-step video tutorials, you can create various healthy and delicious Raw Chocolate recipes that are easy to make at home, with equipment that you probably already have in your cupboards and ingredients that are readily available in your local health food shop.

Interestingly chocolate is now listed as a super food, due to the amount of vitamins and minerals that are found in the cacao seeds that are used to produce chocolate. The nutrients that can be found in cacao include: magnesium, chromium (which balances sugar levels), copper, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins (including vitamin C).

The Raw Chocolate Course will guide you through retaining these important properties, whilst not adding anything that is unhealthy, resulting in handmade, Raw Chocolate treats that you can enjoy from time-to-time and feel good about eating… and not just because they taste so good.

Brought to you by the same author and presenter of the very popular Raw Food Nutritionist videos (included with the Raw Food Nutritionist Course), is this Raw Chocolate Video Course.

Everyone loves chocolate, though the thrill of the taste and buzz that we get from eating it, is often accompanied by a feeling of guilt for indulging ourselves. This is because most pre-packaged chocolate is very unhealthy; filled with sugar, hydrogenated oils and fat, and other chemicals that are bad for the body. This is where this course comes in, as chocolate can actually be very healthy… yes, you read that correctly.

By the end of the course, you will be able to swap out some of your bad habits for good ones, such as replacing coffee with chocolate, as it gives a similar kick but without the anxiety and addiction that comes with coffee, along with releasing endorphins and pumping adrenal glands.

A course with wide appeal, the Raw Chocolate Video Course is for lovers of chocolate, who want to enjoy their favourite treat, and the benefits of it, without the guilt that can accompany the unhealthy, mass-produced snacks.

The course will also appeal to nutritionists and those who are interested in the benefits of specific food stuffs, especially those who have studied or follow a raw foods diet and would like to add more sweet treats to their repertoire.
Raw Chocolate Video Course

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