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PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design and Animation

PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design and Animation

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint from Beginner to Pro and Design Professional Presentation Slides with Attractive Animations

What you'll learn 

 Create attractive and modern PowerPoint presentation slides
 Learn PowerPoint from the beginner to the master level
 Create most engaging and animated PowerPoint presentation slides with transition effects
 Learn so many secret tips and tricks to improve your presentation slides
 Inspirational design ideas for making the presentation slide
 Get lifetime updates of new PowerPoint videos in every single week


 PowerPoint 2010/ 2013/ 2016/ Office 365 for Windows Users
 PowerPoint 2011 for MAC Users
 Prior Knowledge is not Needed

PowerPoint School is the largest platform for sharing and exploring the knowledge of PowerPoint over the internet.

 Do you want to learn PowerPoint from the very beginning to end?
 Do you want to surprise your audience with your PowerPoint slides?
 Do you want to know the secrets of PowerPoint animations?
 Do you want to get most free PowerPoint templates?

Then is course is perfect for you. Without any hesitation, you should take this course and I can guarantee that you are going to love it. Moreover, this is going to be the most updated PowerPoint course on Udemy. We will upload new videos in every single week. So, take this course and enhance your creativity of using PowerPoint

This Course is mostly about designing creative PowerPoint presentation slides with animations. Nowadays, using traditional PowerPoint slides can make your presentation boring. As time is changing so you must have to change the way of presenting your slides in front of your audience. 

In this course, I will show you the modern and engaging ways of creating your PowerPoint presentation slides. If you have no knowledge of PowerPoint without any hesitation you can take this course. Cause I will start from the very beginning and at the end of this course you will be the master of PowerPoint. 

But if you have a very good knowledge of PowerPoint still I will recommend you to take this course because I think it will inspire you for more Creative ideas.

What’s inside this course? 

We have divided this course into few different sections so that you can learn everything about PowerPoint step by step.

✔ Introduction: We will introduce you with PowerPoint and also you will get to see our best PowerPoint portfolio works which may inspire your creativity.
✔ Basic knowledge: We have added this section for those who want to start from the beginner level or those who want to recap their previous knowledge.
✔ Advanced knowledge: In this section, we will show you some advanced use of PowerPoint such as editing pictures, use of merge shape, choosing custom colors etc.
✔ Basic Slide Design: This is starting of our practical slide design session. Here, you will learn how to design good presentation slides using all the basic tools of PowerPoint.
✔ Infographic Slide Design: Infographics are the modern way of presenting your PowerPoint slides. Here, I will show how to design attractive and engaging infographic slides through step by step tutorial videos.
✔ Slide Design with Transition: This section is dedicated to learn everything about PowerPoint slide transitions. Here, we will have few practical slide design sessions also which will definitely surprise you and your audience.
✔ Knowledge of Animations: Here, you will get to know every single details of PowerPoint animation tool. We have tried to deliver the knowledge with few practical implementations.
✔ Animated Slide Design: In this section, you will get to see how to add attractive and relevant animations on a particular slide. This section will definitely surprise you with our professional level of making animated presentation slides.
✔ Free PowerPoint Templates: In this course, as an extra benefit, we are providing few PowerPoint ready templates that you can easily edit and use.
We are going to add few more sections very soon. So, stay connected with this course we will let you know everything that you really need.

Extra benefits of taking this course: 

I think you will be very happy to know that with this course we are providing very unique and attractive PowerPoint ready templates that you can use in your presentations. And also you will be able to download all the slide templates that I will show how to create.

So, take this course and experience the awesomeness of PowerPoint with us.

Who this course is for: 

Anyone interested in designing the most engaging PowerPoint presentation slides with animations
 Entrepreneurs, teachers, students, professionals, executives and others who need to prepare presentation slides
 Freelancers who wants to create the best PowerPoint presentation slides for their customers
 Those who wants to learn PowerPoint animations for making informative and engaging videos

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