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Personal Training Diploma Course

Personal Training Diploma Course

Your first step towards creating a happier and healthier world. The Personal Training Diploma Course will provide you with an understanding of how to help clients achieve their fitness goals and supply a solid foundational knowledge on how to operate as a self-employed personal trainer.

Learn how to conduct an initial client consultation, help set goals and test fitness, along with gaining an understanding of the legal aspects of the role and what you can and can't do.

You’ll gain knowledge of the major bone and muscle groups of the body, and the ways in which they move – improving your understanding of the primal movements that you’ll aim to replicate as a personal trainer.

With this knowledge in place, you’ll discover the common upper and lower body exercises that you’ll be teaching to clients, how they can do them in a simple, safe, and efficient manner, and the muscle groups that each target.

You’ll learn how to design simple and advanced programs that provide the best exercises for your clients to help them progress safely towards their goals. The course shares the common mistakes trainers make when programming, how to avoid these pitfalls, and how to train people with specific requirements, such as the elderly, children and teenagers, pre- and post-natal women, and those with injuries. You’ll also be introduced to common training modalities so that you have a baseline knowledge of a wider range of training types and possibly find an area in which you may wish to specialise in.

As a personal trainer, you will be asked for nutritional advice. In the course, you’ll learn the basics of the three macronutrients, pre- and post-workout meals, and how to provide valuable advice dependent on a client's goals.

In most cases, personal trainers are sole traders – even when wearing the uniform of a large health club. The Personal Training Diploma Course will advise you on the tasks you will need to undertake in order to create a successful business and how to gain, convert, and keep more clients. 

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Learn how to consult with a variety of clients and set goals that meet their individual needs
✔ Understand the basics of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and nutrition
✔ Be able to program a balanced regime filled with killer workouts
✔ Discover how to run a successful personal trainer business as a sole trader

The Personal Training Diploma Course is perfect for you if your friends are already asking you to program their workouts. This course will provide you with the basic science behind key movements, and how to safely program for results. It also takes you beyond the workouts and towards the more legal and administrative responsibilities.

If your goal is to gain employment in a gym, health centre or similar, this course serves as a solid foundation on which to study for a professional qualification.
Personal Training Diploma Course

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