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Mentalism Diploma Course

Top 3 Mentalism Courses

Mentalism offers a unique insight into the inner workings and secrets of how we think and how our minds work. From apparent mind reading to incredible feats of memorisation and an uncanny knack for spotting untruths, you’ll learn the techniques and methodologies that can improve our intuition and innate ability to read people and form an educated opinion of what is likely going through their mind.

The course explores how the realities of mentalism stack up against common exaggerations and misunderstandings, before examining the two main approaches to mind reading; insinuation – putting a thought in someone’s mind – and inference – extracting an existing thought.

You’ll learn how to put this knowledge to use in readings and we’ll investigate the ideomotor response, including its potential uses in mind reading, and the mentalism skills and techniques that can turn you into a human lie detector.

We’ll consider the practical, ethical ways in which we can nudge others into becoming more receptive to our preferences, as we explore cognitive bias, equivoque and statistical probability. We’ll also look into the use of suggestion and its applications as a performance art, and investigate memory – how it works, how to improve your recall abilities, how and why we forget, and the ways in which memory can be manipulated or erased.

Finally, we look at how to apply the techniques of mentalism in our own lives – considering the importance of meditation, how to protect ourselves from unwanted manipulation, and how to influence ourselves to make, and stick with, positive changes in our lives.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Become familiar with the realities of mentalism
✔ Understand the mind reading techniques of insinuation and inference
✔ Explore influence and suggestion techniques
✔ Learn about memory – including how to improve yours and manipulate others
✔ Learn how to use mentalism for self-improvement

Whether you are interested in using mentalism to develop psychic abilities and intuition or if you are from a more sceptical sensibility, the techniques of mentalism are firmly grounded in proven principles and can offer something to either approach. Either way, taking what you learn from the course and applying it to your day-to-day life, you’ll become a more aware, more intuitive and overall more cognitive person.

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