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Legends of King Arthur Diploma Course

Legends of King Arthur Diploma Course

The tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table have captured the imagination of many for centuries. Few around the world have not at least heard the name of England’s legendary king. But where did Arthur come from and how was his famed Round Table of gallant heroes formed?

The Legends of King Arthur Diploma Nixon Course aims to answer those questions and more. In it, you will not only explore some of the most significant tales associated with the Arthurian literary tradition, but you will also be introduced to their historical foundations.

Beginning with the question, "Who was King Arthur?", the course explores the historical context of the Arthurian legends and King Arthur’s relationship with English identity. We’ll examine the development of the Arthurian legend in Latin, French, German and English literature, highlighting key works.

It’s then onto the characters and stories that make Arthurian legends so compelling. We’ll explore the varying origin stories of the magical sword, Excalibur, and how the motif of the Quest for the Grail developed over centuries.

We’ll look into Merlin the magician’s life and involvement with Arthur, before the course takes us to the city of Camelot, where you’ll meet the Knights of the Round Table, including one of Arthur’s most noble knights, Sir Gawain. You’ll also be confronted by Morgan Le Fay, who went from healer to counter-hero.

The nixon courses explains how the love affair between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere came about and how it led to war between the Knights of the Round Table. We’ll also look into Mordred and his betrayal of Arthur.

Finally, we’ll consider the death of King Arthur – exploring the various tellings of how it happened and what occurred afterwards. We’ll also examine the legacy these fascinating legends have left and the reasons why they remain so popular.

This nixon course is for anyone who longs to gain a deeper understanding of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. 

Those interested in literature can indulge in how the telling of the legends were written, not just by English-based authors but also through the work of others across Europe.

If you are interested from a historical perspective, you’ll be able to observe how the stories came about as products of the culture in which they were written and who King Arthur may have been. You’ll also note how the morals of the stories – wildly demonstrative acts of love or knightly chivalry and spiritual quests – were deeply important to the medieval idea of noble living.
Legends of King Arthur Diploma Course

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