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Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Diploma Course

Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Diploma Course

The Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Course is not a crash diet and nor is it designed to put the focus on weight loss. This course is designed with perfect cleansing nutrition in mind. This is literally a life changing course, with great personal benefit, whatever your relationship with food in your life so far.

At Nixon online courses we teach subjects that offer long-term and lasting results. So, put your focus on weight loss aside for a while, the steps within this course are going to show you exactly how food affects your body and help you towards healing with food.

When you take the focus of your mind and body away from the endless cycle of losing weight and towards healthy change within, the weight will slip away as a side effect and you will not yo-yo back towards the food types that helped you gain it in the first place.

Although the course title cites ‘juicing’, the same course can be taken with the use of a blender or even an extractor such as the Nutribullet. So, don’t be put off by thinking you would need to buy an expensive juicer, the same healthy changes can be made with any type of fruit and vegetable liquidiser. 

The Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Course offers two paths to completion, depending on how you want to approach it. It can be taken as a gradual change to lifestyle, which allows you to ease yourself into the juicing and introduce it slowly into your diet; culminating in a full week juicing cleanse. 

The second option is a more intensive, 7-day juicing cleanse, which begins as soon as you complete modules one and two (to give you the knowledge to get you started), and then you can continue to learn whilst using the diet. The second approach is excellent for those who want a kick-start into better health and well-being but both paths offer the same outcome and lasting effects.

As previously mentioned, the Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Course is not a crash diet. As well as learning the ‘how’ about juice diets, you will also learn the ‘why’, in terms of the affects the correct nutrients will have on your body, as well as what to avoid in a juice diet.

The course goes further still, teaching how to nourish the mind as well the body. This approach helps us to change our mind set, to make a lasting change to our health rather than becoming obsessive about calories and weight and getting stuck in yoyo dieting. This is achieved by being more aware of eating habits, the sensations experienced when eating, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food, all of which shall be discussed within.

As with any detox, when you take away stimulants that may be a big part of your diet, such as coffee and sugar, the body will react. The course informs you of what to expect when you take these away. Using up-to-date research, it also teaches about some of the food stuffs that we may consider to be essential, how they could be doing more harm than good, and how removing or reducing the amount of these in your diet can help you to be healthier.

The main reason any of us study a topic of this type is because of a preoccupation with weight and body image. To address this and understand the facts, the Juice Yourself Slim - Juicing Course discusses yoyo dieting in further detail, the media and self-esteem, amid other areas, as well as the importance of exercise for mental and physical health.

The course concludes with a module about how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, with information about what your body does and doesn’t need. This, along with the information in the previous modules will encourage you to live a healthier, happier life. If you ever get off track though, you can always use the course materials to do another detox or to refresh yourself on the important information within.

The course is suitable to be used by you, the student, yet you can also use it to help others regain a good and healthy relationship with food. Why not join with some friends, for group support and make positive changes together! It’s also a great idea for a gift.
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