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Jewellery Making Diploma Course

Jewellery Making Diploma Course

Packed with both the theory and practical sides of the subject, if you want to make your own jewellery, this course is your starting point.

You’ll learn about the various types of jewellery, how to get started, and receive practical guidance on the equipment and techniques used to make a range of pieces. With step-by-step projects, you’ll finish the course with your own jewellery to show off and confidence in your new skill.

Through the Jewellery Making Diploma Course, you’ll become familiar with various types of handmade jewellery, the history and development of jewellery making around the world, and how to get started - including a look at health and safety and the equipment and tools you’ll need.

The bulk of the course guides you through a wide range of jewellery making techniques. These include wire wrapping, beading, metalsmithing and silversmithing, stone setting in silver, working with metal clay, wax carving, enamelling, handstamping, and engraving. Most of the techniques covered also include a step-by-step project for you to complete, or at least follow, in order to gain a better understanding of the techniques used.

Once you have the techniques down, the course takes you further by presenting four projects for you to follow. With beginner, intermediate and expert levels, there is a project that’ll suit your confidence level - you can even start with the easiest and work your way up to the more advanced pieces. These projects are: silver statement necklace, metal stamped necklace, wire wrapped bead bracelet, and silver cabochon ring.

The course also provides an introduction on how to go about setting up and marketing a business to sell your pieces.

In this course you will learn:

✔ Become familiar with various types of handmade jewellery
✔ Learn the techniques used in jewellery making
✔ Complete practical projects making your own jewellery
✔ Gain an overview of how you would set up a business selling your pieces

The Jewellery Making Diploma Course will get you working with equipment and materials to make jewellery that you’d want to wear. You’ll learn the basics of jewellery making, the equipment you’ll need, a whole range of techniques and methods to make various types of jewellery, and complete projects to put your new skills to use.

Jewellery Making Diploma Course

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