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Introduction to the Roman Empire Diploma Course


No other culture has affected the development of the modern world quite as much as the Romans. Their empire, which stretched over four centuries, gave us concrete, roads, the calendar, stunning architecture, an arts and literary culture from which much of our understanding of the world has grown, and so much more.

But why were they so successful? How did they excel militarily, politically and culturally in a way that allowed them to dominate Europe and so much of the middle eastern world? And what, in the end, caused it all to tumble and fall?

With 11 modules – each dedicated to a specific area of the Roman Empire – and 4 videos, these are some of the questions answered in the Introduction to the Roman Empire Diploma Online Course. We’ll examine the evolution of this empire from republic to dominant European power. You will learn about the Roman rulers, some who expanded the empire in profound ways; others who abused their privilege of leadership quite horrifically.

As part of your studies, you will also review what it was like to live in these extraordinary times, exploring the culture, the law and the day-to-day life of men and women under Roman rule.

The Introduction to the Roman Empire Diploma Course will be of interest to anyone who is fascinated by this incredible period of history and how the people of the time lived and shaped it – from the men who took the imperial Roman seat of power and artisans and engineers who advanced culture and technology to the common folk and how they lived.

It will also provide you with a greater understanding of the lasting contributions the Roman Empire gave to the world that can still be seen today in the forms of technology, education and art.
Introduction to the Roman Empire Diploma Course

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