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Introduction to Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course

What does your handwriting say about you? Can the mind of the writer be interpreted by examining the physical characteristics of their handwriting? Like a thumbprint, our handwriting is unique to us. It tells the story of who we are, our personality traits, and our state of mind as we formed the letters and words. Welcome to the world of handwriting analysis.

An introductory course designed to be comprehensive in scope, the Introduction to Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course will guide you through the theoretical principles and practical techniques used in graphology.

The course begins with an explanation of what handwriting analysis is and introduces the five global handwriting characteristics used in its study – extensions, size, baseline, slant and pressure as they relate to the writer’s interests, focus, stability, sociability and intensity.

From there, we’ll explore the science of unconscious symbolic expression and how handwriting analysis is different from standardised personality tests. We’ll run through the basics of handwriting analysis and look at how to create a gestalt picture of personality in a single table.

The course then goes into the specifics in more detail, providing step-by-step instructions of how to analyse each global characteristic in handwriting: extensions and size related to interests and focus, how baselines related to stability, and how slant and pressure relate to sociability and intensity.

The course concludes with examples of handwriting analyses and guidance to aid you in carrying out a complete handwriting analysis from beginning to end. We’ll also look at handwriting analysis as a business, what handwriting analysts do and the associations that professionals can become a member of.

By studying this course, you will learn: 

Understand what handwriting analysis is and where it came from
✔ Be familiar with graphology theories
✔ Learn practical handwriting analysis techniques and put them into practice
✔ Understand the professional uses for graphology

If you are interested in how something as everyday as an individual’s handwriting can tell you so much about them, you’ll love the Introduction to Handwriting Analysis Diploma Course.

An introductory-level course, you don’t need any prerequisite knowledge to take the course. You’ll be taken through the basic theories of graphology and the application of the techniques used in completing handwriting analysis reports.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll have the tools you need to carry on practising and gaining experience by collecting and evaluating handwriting samples.

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