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Infrared Therapy Diploma Course

Infrared Therapy Diploma Course

Discover the power of infrared light and its ability to improve health and treat disease. Take the Infrared Therapy Diploma Course and learn how infrared and near-infrared light therapy can benefit virtually every system of the body and can even improve physical attributes. It has been noted to help shed fat, reduce the signs of ageing, regrow hair, increase the results of workouts, reduce pain, speed healing, boost hormonal health, and lower inflammation.

The Infrared Therapy Diploma Course begins by outlining key concepts in electromagnetic theory, the various ways in which infrared light is absorbed in different substances, and how infrared radiation is used in various fields. We’ll consider the applications and uses of infrared light therapy and the role of NASA in developing infrared light therapy.

The course explains what infrared radiation is and the science behind it. We’ll consider the difference between infrared and photobiomodulation therapies, how infrared radiation affects the human body, the various effects of infrared radiation on neural stimulation and the human skin, and the transcranial stimulation of the brain through infrared radiation.

We’ll look at the health benefits of infrared therapy and radiation. We start with an exploration of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's disease, and chronic pain and inflammation, and observe infrared and red light’s effects on each, as well as their effect on hair and extracellular matrix and collagen.

From there, we’ll move on to explore how infrared heals and promotes recovery from muscle injuries, its use in wound healing and tissue repair, its application in multiple skin-related disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, and the importance of infrared in the management of other health issues such as diabetes, tendonitis, TBIs and infertility.

We’ll look at infrared therapy’s uses in weight loss, the treatment of cancer, mental disorders, and controlling inflammatory diseases of the skin and gums, along with the immune-modulating properties of infrared.

The course explains what an infrared sauna is and outlines its benefits. We look at the applications of infrared therapy within the salon setting, the equipment needed to offer this, and the methods used. We’ll also learn about the cross-over benefits of infrared and massage therapy, including how to perform lymphatic massage on yourself or others and the benefits of handheld infrared massagers and how to use them.

We’ll examine the importance of health & safety in protecting clients, staff, and yourself in a salon setting, the laws and regulations on health & safety and various legal issues and insurance requirements. We’ll also look at how to ensure modesty, privacy, confidentiality and data protection for clients and how to maintain proper hygiene and sterilisation in a salon.

The course concludes with an overview of how to work with clients, create realistic expectations and create a treatment plan, as well as the importance of communication.

Going through daily life can lead to many conditions and problems including fatigue, weakened immune function, poor digestion and an overall decline in one’s health. This course aims to inform you of how infrared therapy can help you to overcome some of these issues - how it can heal, repair, detox, de-stress and rejuvenate.

Those new to the holistic therapy industry will learn key aspects of operating within this business and how to work with clients. Practising therapists will learn the theories and techniques used in infrared therapy.
Infrared Therapy Diploma Course

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