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Homesteading Diploma Course

Homesteading Diploma Course

The Homesteading Diploma Course takes you on a transformative journey full of information and practical activities that will give you a taste of the homesteading life. You’ll explore how to keep animals, grow vegetables, fruits and herbs, make cheese, nurture multiple income streams and more.

The course begins with an introduction to homesteading. We’ll look at exactly what it is, and all the amazing benefits this lifestyle can bring. We’ll also inspire you with some homesteading possibilities, ideas and activities.

We’ll look into land and planning. You may be homesteading in an apartment, using your own garden, or finding and buying land - we’ll cover all of these. We’ll also look at the planning permission process in the UK.

The course takes an in-depth exploration into planting food. We’ll cover planning and designing your planting, discuss the foods you can grow, and talk about trees and pruning. We’ll look at the different types of beds and how to set them up, understanding and improving your soil, and natural fertilisers and pesticides. We also include growing guides for individual fruits, herbs and vegetables.

You’ll learn about homestead food storage and cooking. We’ll look at different preservation methods, and give you instructions for baking bread, and making cheese, butter and yoghurt.

We’ll look at keeping animals, including chickens, goats, cows and bees, along with some general considerations to be mindful of.

We’ll explore different energy systems you can use for off-grid living, talk about construction and sustainable building, and give you a fun construction project to carry out.

To expand your knowledge further, we’ll look at other homesteading activities, including sewing and textiles, making soap and cleaning products, foraging, herbal medicine, making jams and jellies and community activities. You’ll be guided through making soap, jam, and a simple pillowcase.

The course concludes with a look into how you can make money from homesteading. We’re going to look at the importance of having multiple income streams and explore different businesses you could get into as a homesteader.

The Homesteading Diploma Course is for you if you are interested in following a way of life that brings you closer to nature or if you would simply like to better understand homesteading.

Homesteading doesn’t have to be an all or nothing lifestyle choice. You may have a goal of residing on a few acres and living an idyllic country lifestyle but it’s just as viable to stay in your family home in the suburbs, but eating healthier, saving money and deepening your connection to nature.

There are so many different roads you can take while homesteading, and the path you take is totally up to you. This course is your guide to starting the journey.

Homesteading Diploma Course

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