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Heraldry Diploma Course

Heraldry Diploma Course | Nixon Courses

Do you know your escutcheon from your crest? The various tinctures of a coat of arms? Your lion rampant from your dragon passant? You soon will!

A beginner’s guide to heraldry, this course focuses on armoury (although we’ll be covering the other branches too) – the study of the design and transmission of the heraldic achievement. You’ll learn the basics of heraldry, its origins, history, and development across the globe.

We’ll explore the origins of heraldry – spanning antiquity, Ancient Egypt, the Byzantine Empire, Europe and Asia – before tracing its history and development into what we know and recognise today. 

You’ll learn the essential skills needed not only to create heraldry, but to describe coats of arms and heraldic achievements using the rich, fascinating, and efficient language of blazonry. You will also learn about pedigree, ceremony and vexillology.

We’ll look at how heraldry developed in Europe and the Americas, the pseudo-heraldry of Japan and India, the heraldry of communist and socialist states, and how it is practised in the 21st century.

The course also offers several resources to help you to take your studies further and get involved in a heraldry society.

A massive topic, which you could spend your whole life studying, heraldry is also welcoming and readily accessible to hobbyists and part-time enthusiasts. This course will arm you with the basics of heraldry and the terminology used in the field to give you the confidence to delve deeper into its technicalities and uncover the wealth of history from which heraldry is simply inseparable.

Heraldry Diploma Course

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