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Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course

Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course

Take the Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course and you’ll see your body in a whole new light. Be prepared to meet trillions of microbes, to discover that you have more ‘brains’ than you might think and get ready to feel like the master of your health as you embrace new ways to take care of your health and wellbeing.

Starting with the gut, you’ll learn all about your digestive system - every last twist and turn – coming away knowing exactly how your food is broken down and absorbed.

Next, the nervous system. We demystify the complex nervous system and introduce you to the endocannabinoid system - a major regulatory force within your body. You’ll learn how the gut and brain "talk" to each other and the healing potentials that lie within their ability to communicate with one another.

The Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course will introduce you to a vast number of bacteria! You’re going to have all your questions about the microbiome answered and on top of that, you’ll be amazed by the influence these microscopic gut-dwellers have on your body, mood and behaviour.

Rather than simply being told that a certain food is "bad", we look at the physiology behind its damaging behaviour. You’ll also see why you shouldn’t feel bad for being drawn to such foods – something in your gut is making you!

On the flip side of this, we’ll take a look at gut-healing foods - taking an evidence-based exploration of foods that can help your gut and therefore your mind. Avoiding faddy diets and demonising certain food groups, the Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course encourages you to eat a rainbow and try foods you may have previously felt unsure about. Probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods will all be explained to encourage you to welcome them onto your plate.

You’ll delve into common and important digestive issues – discovering their symptoms and what causes them, and whether there is scope to use your diet to help manage these issues. You’ll learn how to spot red flags so that you don’t disregard key symptoms.

You’ll explore natural remedies for improving gut-brain health, as you learn how to choose and work with healing herbs and essential oils safely, to aid digestive or mood issues, or simply to enhance your gut and the health of your nervous system.

Another organ connected to the brain is the heart. You’ll gain an understanding of the fascinating heart-brain connection, looking at aspects of this relationship that apply to the improvement of your gut-brain health.

Finally, you’ll learn how to sensibly and methodically assess not only your gut health, but also your diet and lifestyle and make achievable, practical, affordable and lasting changes to your life.

Are you ready to eat a diet that will make you feel great outside and in? Then let’s get started!

The Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course explains how your emotions and mood are connected to nutrition. Therefore, you can help your mental (and physical) wellbeing by changing your diet and lifestyle. With the information contained within this course, you’ll be able to make these changes safely and help others to do the same.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in reversing low mood and negative emotions through diet. So whether you’re an absolute beginner to nutrition or a practising dietician looking to expand your knowledge and better service your clients, you’ll find the Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course an invaluable source of study.
Gut Brain Connection Diploma Course

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