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10 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

10 Facebook Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

Learn powerful Facebook marketing strategies for gaining followers, leads and customers on Facebook in 2021.

What you'll learn 

 Supercharge your Facebook page
 Post powerful content on Facebook
 Achieve more with Facebook influencers
 Grow smarter with Facebook shoutouts
 Get discovered on Facebook with features
 Do authentic engagement hacking on Facebook
 Leverage Facebook groups
 Gain huge results with Facebook Ads
 Maximise the network effect


A Facebook account, and a basic understanding of how Facebook works

Welcome to my Facebook course that will teach you the 10 most powerful Facebook marketing strategies that entrepreneurs, influencers and professionals are using to gain thousands of Facebook followers every month and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

My name’s Nik Swami and I’m an entrepreneur with a collection of online businesses that each generate up to $45,000 per month through Facebook and social media, and my courses have reached over 35,000 people in over 170 countries.

So what are my 10 Facebook marketing strategies? You’ll be getting live on-screen video demonstrations for each of them throughout this course:

✔ Facebook Marketing 1: You’ll learn how to supercharge your Facebook page so that you’re ready for explosive growth

✔ Facebook Marketing 2: You’ll learn how to post powerful content, so that you build a really engaged audience on Facebook, and get the results you want

✔ Facebook Marketing 3: You’ll learn how to achieve more with influencers, including how to find them, assess their quality, contact them, and launch Facebook promotions

✔ Facebook Marketing 4: You’ll learn how to grow smarter with shoutouts, which are partnerships that allow you to access different audiences on Facebook

✔ Facebook Marketing 5: You’ll learn how to get discovered with features, which allow you to get massive amounts of growth on Facebook absolutely free!

✔ Facebook Marketing 6: You’ll learn how to do authentic engagement hacking, which can get you crowds of new followers, leads and sales on Facebook very quickly

✔ Facebook Marketing 7: You’ll learn how to launch competitions that go viral, and they can grow so fast on Facebook it’s actually insane

✔ Facebook Marketing 8: You’ll learn how to leverage Facebook groups, which are incredibly powerful for learning, building relationships and promoting yourself

✔ Facebook Marketing 9: You’ll learn how to gain huge results With Facebook Ads, and I’ll be showing you my first ever Facebook Ads account, which made over $820,000

✔ Facebook Marketing 10: You’ll learn how to maximize the network effect, which will not only give you better results on Facebook today, but it will also power your growth long into the future.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, an influencer, a professional or any type of organization that wants to absolutely crush it on Facebook, then this Facebook marketing course is for you!

Everyone who enrolls in this Facebook marketing course will also be able to ask me questions via Udemy, email and Instagram, so you'll be fully supported.

It's time for you to unlock the power of Facebook marketing.

Who this course is for: 

Entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals, organisations and anyone who wants to crush it on Facebook!
 The Facebook marketing strategies covered are perfectly suitable for both beginners and experts. I started using all of them when I was a beginner, and I still use all of them now that I'm an expert.

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