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Epigenetics Diploma Course

Epigenetics Course - Learn Online | Training Certification

The Epigenetics Diploma Course takes the complex subject and breaks it down into easy-to-understand modules, so you’ll be able to gain scientific knowledge in an accessible way and come away well-informed and in-the-know about everything to do with epigenetics.

What is epigenetics? This epigenetics training course begins by answering this with a brief overview of the subject and a look at the difference between neuroepigenetics and traditional epigenetics.
You’ll learn about a crucial concept in epigenetics – modifications. We’ll look at various types of modifications, including DNA methylation, histone acetylation, histone modification, nucleosome positioning and RNA-based regulation.
The Epigenetics Diploma Course covers everything you need to know about chromatin – dynamic chromatin structure and hierarchy, methods to investigate chromatin, and chromatin as it relates to DNA repair.
We look at mechanisms, including covalent modifications, RNA transcripts, mRNA, sRNAs, prions, structural inheritance, and more.
You’ll discover how nutritional epigenetics works, in terms of health and disease, and take a look at cancer epigenetics. Following a brief explanation on cancer epigenetics, the Epigenetics Diploma Course takes you through MicroRNA gene silencing, metabolic recoding and more, before moving on to different types of cancer, including skin cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and sarcoma.
The Epigenetics Diploma Course covers various topics within human epigenetics. These topics include Barr body formation, genomic imprinting in human disease, disorders in humans connected with imprinting, and developmental diseases caused by epigenetic malfunctioning.

The Epigenetics Diploma Course will be of interest to anyone who wishes to explore this exciting branch of science, from all angles and disciplines, to gain an understanding of heritability, disease, and much more.
Epigenetics Diploma Course

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