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Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma Course


Learn about eating disorders in general, gain knowledge of the most common eating disorders, their symptoms and how they are treated, and learn how to support loved ones with eating disorders. You will also learn about how modern society, diet culture and the media can affect us, and what role different individuals and institutions can play in creating a safe environment that reduces the risk of people developing eating disorders.

The course begins with a look at mental health and the basics of eating disorders before moving on to explore the risks and factors that contribute to their development.

From there we will examine three types of common eating disorder in more detail; Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder. For each we will learn about the diagnosis criteria, specific signs and symptoms, and typical treatments.

The Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma Course outlines how to intervene and offer support if you are concerned about a loved one, and the general recovery process, framework, and self-help advice available. We’ll look at the treatment options, specialists, and the roles and responsibilities of individuals and institutions in aiding recovery. The course also examines the body positivity movement, including its history, benefits, criticisms, and how to take on its ethos.

Lastly, we’ll consider what can be done to prevent eating disorders from occurring in children and young people by encouraging healthy self-esteem, a positive body image and a good relationship with food.

By studying this course, you will learn:

✔ Understand eating disorders
✔ Be aware of who is most at risk and why
✔ Be familiar with how the media and society have exacerbated eating disorders
✔ Learn what’s involved in recovering from an eating disorder
✔ Understand the support available and how to support others
✔ Be aware of the body positivity movement
✔ Learn what can be done to prevent eating disorders from occurring

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to better understand eating disorders. It could be that you have an eating disorder and would like to learn more about it and the treatment and support options available to you. You may have a friend or family member who you wish to support and would like to understand more about their disorder and how you can help them in their recovery. You may be interested in a career in counselling those with eating disorders and would like to increase your knowledge in this area before undertaking a counselling qualification.

The Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma Course can also be studied for educational benefits, improving your knowledge of something that affects people in ways and for reasons you may not have been aware of.
Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma Course

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