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Cross Stitch Diploma Course

Cross Stitch Course - Online Diploma | Learn to Cross Stitch | Nixon Courses

Considered to be the oldest form of hand embroidery, cross stitch dates back to the fifth or sixth century AD – with samples found the world over – and it’s seeing a resurgence among modern makers and crafters. If you’re interested in learning how to cross stitch for yourself, the Cross Stitch Diploma Course will teach you about the tools you'll use and give you the knowledge you need to elevate you from doing cross stitch for beginners to mastering some of the most advanced cross stitch techniques.

This online Cross Stitch Course begins with a detailed exploration of what cross stitch is – providing a little history on this popular form of counted-thread embroidery before diving into charts and keys, fabric count and blackwork.

With the foundations set, you’ll discover the equipment you’ll need to start cross-stitching. You will soon become an expert in needles, scissors, magnifiers, threads and canvases and how to choose the best supplies for your projects. Similarly, you will become familiar with the basics of fabric – as you are introduced to Aida, evenweave, linen and waste canvas.

You’ll learn how to set up your hoop, and how to stitch on various fabrics – covering basic stitches such as the quarter stitch and back stitch, along with starting methods. Once you have the basics down you’ll move onto intermediate and advanced stitches, including Chinese cross stitch and double running stitch.

As you gain more confidence, the Cross Stitch Diploma Nixon Courses will take you through various cross-stitching techniques. You’ll look at the Danish and English methods, the stab and sew method, and plenty more. You’ll learn about dying cross stitch fabric, gridding it, and protecting it, using variegated and filament threads, adding dimension, and cleaning and preserving vintage cross stitch.

This online tutorial course concludes by guiding you through various finishing techniques such as flat finish, canvas, and framing to present your cross stitch beautifully. You’ll also look at cushions, pillows, biscornu, ornaments, bookmarks and coasters.

The beginner-friendly Cross Stitch Diploma Course takes you from your first stitch to crafting completed pieces using advanced stitches, multiple techniques, and expert finishing.

Just as valid for seasoned crafters as it is for beginners, the free online course provides comprehensive guidance that will make adding cross-stitching to your skillset easy, whether as a hobby or to create pieces to sell.

Cross Stitch Course - Learn to Cross Stitch

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