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Card Making Techniques Diploma Course

Card Making Techniques Diploma Course

From a beginner to an advanced card crafter, this course will introduce you to the card crafting world. You will learn about everything from the basic tool requirements to completed cards, covering a multitude of both traditional and modern techniques.

Starting with the card crafting essentials, you’ll learn about paper and card – the different sizes and weights, envelope types and sizes, and the tools that should be in your craft kit. We’ll look at different card styles, shapes and folds, along with how to make inserts and create backgrounds.

The course covers a wide range of techniques, including basic and advanced rubber stamping, parchment craft and teabag folding. You’ll become familiar with the different types of ribbon, the easy yet versatile needle pricking technique, die-cutting, embellishments and shrink plastic.

We’ll look at the various types of punches used in punch art, iris folding, lacĂ© and kirigami folding and cutting, encaustic art and quilling. Finally, we’ll explore types and applications of decoupage and cards that have movement included within them, such as shaker and pop-up cards.

By studying this course, you will: 

Learn about various types of paper, card, and envelopes
 Discover the tools of the trade and how to use them
 Receive guidance on numerous card making techniques
 Take on projects to practice what you have learned

Suitable for complete beginners, this course will introduce you to a wide variety of card making materials and techniques, providing you with the confidence to use them individually and also combine them for a unique look.

Upon completion of the course, you may even feel ready to start a business selling your cards!
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