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Canine First Aid Diploma Course

Canine First Aid Course | Accredited and Online Dog First Aid

An estimated 92% of pets will experience some type of emergency situation during their lifetime, and up to 60% of veterinary visits are an emergency. Moreover, preventable accidents are the leading cause of death among pre-senior dogs.

Many people assume that if their dog becomes unwell or has an accident, the only option is to transport it to a vet. However, knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life or death, and can buy precious time until veterinary care can be provided. Take the Canine First Aid Diploma Course and you will be ready for an emergency should it ever happen.

This online canine first aid course begins by familiarising you with the normal signs of a healthy dog so that when a dog becomes unwell, you can tell the difference. You will come to recognise indications of ill health in dogs, gain an understanding of when it is necessary to contact a vet and understand when emergency care is required.

Next, you’ll get to grips with some standard first aid equipment and products and learn about some of the risks associated with administering first aid to dogs. You’ll increase your understanding of canine safety in the home and become aware of common household items that can pose a risk to a dog’s health.

Dogs can be very good at hiding pain, so it’s up to us to be familiar with the signs that something is not right. You’ll learn how to recognise these signs, the risks associated with handling dogs experiencing pain, and how to safely handle and move a dog who is injured or in pain.

The Canine First Aid Diploma Course explains the reasons for bandaging, the principles of basic bandage selection, the many types of dressings and bandaging materials available and how to select the appropriate materials for the condition being treated. You’ll be shown how to apply bandages to the limbs, head, body and tail.

By completing this dog first aid course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how to respond to common first aid situations and emergency situations concerning the eyes, nose and mouth. You’ll learn about disorders of the digestive tract and be aware of signs of poisoning and how to respond. You’ll understand the different types of shock, be able to assess and respond to different types of haemorrhage, determine types of fractures and be able to treat them accordingly and understand different wound types.

You’ll gain an understanding of canine pregnancy, including the length of gestation, how to assess different stages of labour, how to determine if there is an emergency situation, and how to resuscitate newborn puppies.

The primary skills of a first aider include the ability to assess a dangerous situation, ensure personal safety and to apply first aid in an accident situation. You’ll learn how to do these, deal with the outcomes and apply self-care. You’ll also learn about cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), when and what aspects of CPR are required in a given situation and how to apply CPR methods.

Equipping you with the knowledge you need to attend canine first aid situations and be able to carry out quick and comprehensive assessments, apply first aid techniques and manage safety aspects carefully, the Canine First Aid Diploma Course is essential for every dog owner.

Those who work with dogs and, in particular, those who care for others’ dogs, should know canine first aid. Primarily so you know what to do in an emergency but also to instil confidence in those who are using your services.

Canine First Aid Diploma Course

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