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Diploma in Archaeology

Archaeology Diploma Course

Whilst archaeologists study things that were formed, used or altered by human beings, such as tools, weapons, jewellery, equipment, buildings and bodies, they are essentially studying people and their pasts.

The Archaeology Diploma Course explores the various types of archaeology, what archaeological sites are and how they are discovered, how archaeologists excavate a site and the processes used to understand their findings, and what they can tell us about the histories and cultures of the people that left them behind.

The Archaeology Diploma Nixon Course begins with an explanation of what archaeology and field archaeology are, an exploration of the theoretical basics of field archaeology and who carries it out. You’ll also be introduced to the various types of archaeology, including classical, historical, underwater, ethno, landscape and household archaeology.

The course explains the types of archaeological sites and artefacts and the features of archaeological sites and the various methods used to find them. These include the use of existing knowledge, documents, aerial photography, ground surveying, chemical surveying and accidental discovery.

We’ll then move onto the process of excavation. We consider the preparations to be made before an excavation takes place, the types of excavations, how to dig and the process involved in excavating.

We’ll explore what happens after an excavation with a look at archaeometry, visual examinations and the scientific analysis of artefacts. You’ll learn about how particular materials and organic remains are analysed, the processes of relative dating and absolute or chronometric dating, and transformation processes and how archaeologists interpret the collated data.

The Archaeology Diploma Course has been designed to satisfy those who are fascinated by history and want to learn about the processes used within archaeology and how it informs us about past societies and how people related to their surroundings.

The online diploma program course is also a good starting point for those who wish to gain a fundamental knowledge of the subject and to understand the various roles within the field before pursuing an advanced qualification and a career in archaeology.
Diploma in Archaeology

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