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Animal Welfare Diploma Course

Animal Welfare Diploma Course

Dogs, cats, rabbits and snakes, they make great pets but if you intend to care for any of these animals properly or if they are already a part of your family and you want to look after their welfare, then you need this course. Study the Animal Welfare Diploma Course and you’ll gain the knowledge that will ensure your pet is happy, healthy and safe.

Providing a home to a pet is beneficial to the animal but it works both ways, as pet ownership offers many benefits. The Animal Welfare Diploma Course lists these benefits, such as a stress reduction and an increase in the exercise you take. You’ll also learn about the legal requirements of owning a dog and the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare that pet owners are responsible for providing.

To care properly for a pet, you must first understand how they should be housed. This course identifies the individual housing requirements for dogs, cats, rabbits, and snakes and highlights the issues that can occur when these requirements are not met.

Each of these types of pet also requires a specific health plan to ensure their continued wellbeing. The Animal Welfare Diploma Course outlines health plans for dogs and cats - covering vaccinations, worming, neutering and flea treatments, along with getting you familiar with microchipping, insurance, nutrition and basic training. It also includes health plans for rabbits and snakes, covering vaccinations, parasite control and nutrition, and familiarising you with neutering and the special requirements of these two species.

To ensure continuity of health, it’s important to give your pet routine examinations. The Animal Welfare Diploma Course helps you to identify signs of good and ill health in dogs, cats, rabbits and snakes.

Although we don’t like to think of our pet needing emergency care, it is important to be prepared, and this course will ensure this. You’ll be guided through what to include in a first aid kit for your pet, proper bandaging technique, how to perform CPR on dogs, cats, and rabbits, and how to deal with emergencies such as heatstroke, stings and nosebleeds.

Pets get into everything. Usually into things that they shouldn’t be, including substances that can be poisonous to them. By studying the Animal Welfare Diploma Course you’ll become aware of the types of substances that are poisonous to animals, the symptoms of poisoning that you should be aware of, and treatments for poisons commonly ingested by household pets.

To provide care to an animal who is sick or injured you made need to restrain them. Each type of animal requires a different type of restraint to ensure the risk to both handler and animal is reduced as much as possible. The Animal Welfare Diploma Course talks you through how to restrain dogs, cats, rabbits and snakes, restraining aids that can help, and how to approach each before handling them. You’ll also be made aware of the complications that can arise when improper restraining techniques are employed.

To round out your animal welfare knowledge, the course concludes by focusing on various UK, animal-related legislation. This includes information on the Wildlife and Countryside Act, The Microchipping of Dogs Regulations, the Dangerous Dogs Act, The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), and the Zoo Licensing Act.

The Animal Welfare Diploma Course has been created for animal enthusiasts. As a pet owner or potential animal care assistant, this course will provide you with the information you need to feel confident in your ability to look after the health and wellbeing of dogs, cats, rabbits and snakes.

Animal Welfare Diploma Course

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