Free Psychology Tutorial - The MindTime Basics
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Free Psychology Tutorial - The MindTime Basics

Free Psychology Tutorial - The MindTime Basics

The MindTime Basics

A short introduction to MindTime, what it is and how it works.

Students will learn the basic nature of their thoughts and how to bring this knowledge into perspective and some usefulness. There is always more to learn, but this course sets you on your way and may change your mind.

Everything we do begins with a thought. That's not just philosophy, that's science. MindTime is the first a priori (origin) theory in the psychology of why we are different from one another, and it so happens that a vast amount of ancient and modern philosophy agrees with what the theory proposes.

Whether you are a manager trying to get a better handle on your people, a mother trying to understand her child, a coach working to better understand how to help clients, a teacher trying to communicate with students, at a distance, more effectively.

This body of work, to which this course is an introduction, is a goldmine. Basically, we've distilled advanced psychology and ancient philosophy down into an approachable and useful basics course. We hope it will inspire you to learn more.

There are three priorities that shape your thinking, and everything you do and feel:

Certainty – what we can derive from the Past

Only through Certainty can we reduce risk.
It is only in the Past dimension of thinking that we can find Certainty.

Probability – how we manage in the Present

We need stability to survive. We increase the Probability of reaching our goals by controlling things.
It is only in the Present dimension of thinking that we can improve Probabilities.

Possibility – what we can imagine

We can see new Possibilities, in our minds, this is how we solve challenges and pursue opportunities to survive.
It is only in the Future dimension of thinking that we can imagine Possibilities.

Everyone has a unique point of view which is formed by their blend of these three foundational priorities of mind, or core needs.

The result of this blending of priorities is your Thinking Style. It defines the value each of us brings to every aspect of our lives. It is what motivates us and shapes our behaviour and personalities. It is also at the root of most of our differences.

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  • You simply need to want to know yourself and others better.

Who this course is for:

  • You, people, all of us. This is our shared experience called thought. It is at the route of our differences and our deepest connections.

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