Free Electronics Tutorial - Electronics engineering: An introduction
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Free Electronics Tutorial - Electronics engineering: An introduction

Free Electronics Tutorial - Electronics engineering: An introduction

Electronics engineering: An introduction

Start this industry 4.0 journey.

  • Differences between AC and DC
  • What do you need to study if you wanto to become to electronics world
  • Differences between electricity and electronics
  • Protoboard, what it that?
  • Multimeter categories based on onvervoltages levels.
  • differences between accuracy and precision.
  • Single phase connectors around the world, famous ones.
  • Differences between trough-hole and surface mount
  • Differences between clamp meter and multimeters
  • What is frequency and period of a signal.
  • Where and how to get 5VDC
  • How to connect a basic electronic circuit
  • How to measure with a multimeter
  • Main differences between USB 2.0 and 3.0

Maybe you were wondering about electronics and how to start the path in that way, isnt? if yes, congratulations, welcome to the introductory course on electronics, this is the first course in the proposed electronics program of electronics studies at Udemy.

At the end of main sections you will put your knowledge under test, here you will find more than just theory because, in the last section you will have the opportunity to implement a very basic circuit to get 5VDC commonly voltage level used in electronics, you will start with basic knowledge, then you will look the structure of an electronic study path, after that you will be introduced to the brearboard device, a basic component you have to know as electronics student, finally multimeter and practice.

You only need curiosity and passion to learn, this is the most basic one, please take note, is not created for people which have knowledge of electronics, if you currently have a back ground we advice to go to more intermediate and adnvanced courses.

At the end you will discover how electronics could be making it easy when you receive this knowledge in the most simple way possible for some people even without electronics background, curious, inscribe yourself and start your learning.

Welcome to Electronics engineering: an Introduction- Freiburg Mechatronik.

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  • Love and interest for electronics world
  • Emotional strong to finish the incoming challenge and win as electronics pro.
  • A CAT III Multimeter (recommended)
  • a LM7805 TO-220
  • 2 capacitors, ceramic 1uF and other polarized 0,1uF/16V
  • Optional, a USB mobile charger with a wire to be permanently modified.
  • Scientific calculator
  • Notebook and pencil to take notes.
  • A protoboard, not matter size or brand.
  • a 9VDC charged Battery
  • 1,5VDC battery (AA) or (AAA)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wich desire to be part of the electronics revolution the world is living.

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