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Beauty Therapy Diploma Course

Beauty Therapy Diploma Course

Is working in beauty therapy your dream career? Offering feel-good services, beautifying someone before a big event – making them picture-perfect or helping clients unwind with an indulgent treat. You may want to create your own business, work as a mobile beauty therapist – working hours that suit you – or become a make-up artist to the stars!

How do you get there? Which services will you specialise in providing? What else do you need to know to get the job you want? How will you sell and promote your services?

The Beauty Therapy Diploma Course provides practical guidance, knowledge and advice for those who are intent on taking their first steps in a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

Let’s introduce you to the world of beauty therapy! You’ll discover what it means to be a professional working within the industry – the responsibilities, career routes, and education opportunities.

Although not glamorous, it’s important to have an up to date knowledge of health and safety. The course covers this essential information in manageable blocks, covering everything from hazards and first aid to important legislations and essential insurances.

Working within beauty therapy, you’ll be selling a service – an experience. First, and indeed last, impressions count. We’ll discuss the importance of professionalism, personal appearance, hospitality, customer service, and good communication skills. You’ll also learn how to sell your services and use promotional activities to increase revenue.

Another key area for most roles within beauty therapy is an understanding of science and anatomy. We’ll cover vital information about the skin, hair, nails, muscles of the head and body, and lymphatic system.

With the foundations set, the course provides a module for each of the following specialisms within beauty therapy: facial treatments, wax depilation, nail services, make-up artistry, eyebrows and eyelashes, and full body massage. Within each discipline, you’ll be guided through how the service is provided, any materials, tools or equipment used, how to prepare the client, and any contraindications to consider before commencing treatment.

Taking you from the foundations up, this course is for beginners looking for an introduction to the beauty therapy industry. You may know which area in which you wish to specialise but need a better understanding of the industry and what it’s like to work within it. It may be that you are still considering which treatments you would like to provide and want to learn about the available options. Whichever it is, this course has something for you.
Diploma in Beauty Therapy

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