How to write clean Kotlin and Android code!
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How to write clean Kotlin and Android code!

How to write clean Kotlin and Android code!

How to write cleaner code with Kotlin on Android

Learn how to clean your Android code and become a better Kotlin Android developer that writes clean and better code!

- How to write clean Android code
- How to create a clean coding mindset
- Awesome Kotlin features
- How to clean up an existing project
- Hidden Android Studio shortcuts

Have you ever gone back to your code and understood nothing because it was too messy and unorganized? Have you spent tons of time trying to figure out what in the world have you written in that app?

This has happened to me many times as well and I know how frustrating this is, but we are here to actually fix it and prevent it from happening again!

Class objective

This course is about writing clean Kotlin Android code which will save you a lot of time. You will be able to write much better and consistent code, so you will never end up wasting so much time trying to understand your projects.

We will work together on your programming mindset. We are going to create a way of thinking so when you write code you also refactor it afterwards, because cleaning your code after you finish a feature is as important as having the ability to write it in the first place.

This course also features many tips and tricks on how to write clean and readable Kotlin code. This course also features many tips and tricks on how to write clean and readable Kotlin code. You will learn about inline functions and trailing lambdas as well as other awesome Kotlin extensions.

What are you waiting for? Jump in and let's clean some code!

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The Android platform is increasingly popular with developers, and a dominant force in the global smartphone market. As more businesses develop mobile apps for customer engagement, Android development skills are likely to stay in high demand.

What is Android Development?

Android development is a software creation process that focuses on applications, better known as apps, that are compatible with devices running the Android operating system (OS). Because Android is an open-source project, developers have easy access to the Android software development kit (SDK). Many use this kit in conjunction with Kotlin, Java, and C++ programming languages to make their apps. 

The Android SDK tools compile your code along with any data and resource files into an APK, or Android package, which is an archive file that uses an .apk suffix. One APK file contains all Android app contents used by devices to install your app. When the app is complete and ready for release, Android developers can upload their apps to the Google Play Store for users to download.

What are some of the important tools for Android Development?

The tools you will use for Android development depend on how you would like to focus your career as an Android developer. If you plan on focusing on native Android app development, you should know one or more of three programming languages: Java, Kotlin, and C++. Java and Kotlin are popular with a number of organizations that build their app natively. 

C++ is the popular choice amongst developers who build high-performance games or plan on doing entry-level SDK work. Some employers seek out Android developers that can create multiple platforms at the same time using programming frameworks like Flutter or React Native. If you are working with Flutter, you will also need to know Dart. If you are working with React Native, you will most likely also need JavaScript programming knowledge.

Is Android Development a good career?

With over 2.5 billion active Android users globally, Android development is a valuable skill that can help you enhance your career. Android development skills are in-demand around the world with various organizations across a broad range of industries. When these organizations build Android apps natively, the top three programming languages are typically Java, Kotlin, and C++. 

You can also look for a job in Android development that uses cross-platform solutions like Flutter or React Native. Whether you're inspired to add a new language to your repertoire or prepare for an interview, you can find a ton of online resources on sites like Udemy to keep your Android skills well-rounded.

Is Kotlin or Java better for Android Development?

If you are building new Android apps, Kotlin is better suited because it is the recommended programming language for Android. If you are a first-time programmer, Kotlin is also a better choice as it has safety features and concise syntax that will help you focus on learning core program fundamentals. You should note that in some cases, employers may seek out Android developers that have Java programming skills. 

For example, if you plan on joining an organization that already has an Android app, they may already be using Java. If they already have an app written in Java, it is unlikely they will want to redesign the app in a different language, such as Kotlin. Therefore, you should look at the job requirements to see if the job posting you are interested in lists Java as a required skill.


- Basic Android and Kotlin experience

Who this course is for:

- BeginnerAndroid Developers
- Intermediate Android Developers
- Expert Android Developers

How to write cleaner code with Kotlin on Android
How to write clean Kotlin and Android code!

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