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Vegan Cooking Diploma Course

Vegan Cooking Course | Online Diploma - Learn Vegan Cookery

Learn how to cook delicious vegan plant-based meals for practical everyday eating.

The Vegan Cooking Diploma Course begins with a look at the fundamentals of plant-based eating. We’ll take a brief look at the history of veganism, give solid nutrition advice for the vegan diet, and explore the various types of vegan diet.

We move from the theoretical to the practical, as we prepare ourselves to get started with vegan cooking. We’ll look at vegan pantry staples, easy vegan food swaps, and healthy vegan snacks and how to make them.

With those basics down, the Vegan Cooking Course onto recipes you can use for each meal of the day:

Breakfast - We’ll share sweet, savoury and wholesome vegan breakfast recipes you can try.
Lunches - Soups, sandwiches, patties, burgers, and healthy superfood salads – there are tons of recipes and options!
Dinners - You’ll discover recipes and advice on vegan curries, stir-fries, and British dishes made vegan!
Desserts - We’ll show you cold, hot and indulgent desserts and puddings to try out.

We’ll look at seasonal meals, with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter recipes that’ll inspire your vegan meals all year round. You’ll learn healthy vegan recipes suitable for the whole family (including the kids), recipes dedicated to dinner parties and special occasions (which even includes a full vegan Christmas dinner recipe), and vegan recipes from around the world, including Ethiopian, Greek, Korean and Mexcian.

While vegan food may once have been considered bland or consisting largely of boring salads, nothing could be further from the truth now, especially as more and more people are changing their diets for a mixture of health, environmental, and ethical reasons.

The Vegan Cooking Diploma Course offers balanced recipes and advice to those looking to convert to veganism, existing vegans looking for some inspiration, and restaurant or café owners wishing to upgrade their vegan recipes.

With a whole arsenal of delicious recipes fit for every occasion, season, and type of meal, you’ll never be short of tasty, nutritious vegan meals again.
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