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Tantra Diploma Course

Tantra Course - Online Certification | Learn Tantric Yoga

This powerful and insightful online Tantra course will teach you everything that you need to know about the exciting world of Tantra.

The course teaches the history, evolution, and the common misconceptions society has about the practice. You’ll learn about the tradition’s philosophies and concepts, its practical applications in everyday life and how it can enhance your spiritual and mental wellbeing. You’ll also learn how you can use the powerful teachings of Tantra in your personal and professional life.

The most common misconception of Tantra is that it is all about sexuality and sexual rituals, and while these do feature, they are not the focus of its teachings. This is combined with the misconception of its association with black magic and the magical powers of a guru. You will discover how these mistruths have tainted a holy and pure tradition and the effects this has had on people’s perceptions of Tantra.

A modernised version of Tantra has now become a spiritual way of life for many, though often through misconceptions - focussing on the more superficial qualities of the tradition while disregarding its true nature. You’ll learn how to discern between the types of institutions that follow incorrect teachings and those that provide a suitable and traditional Tantra program that can aid you in reaching higher levels of enlightenment.

The Tantra Diploma Course explains how the five main elements of water, earth, air, fire and space are present in our bodies and the universe, making us one with it and the divine energy that surrounds it. The course goes into detail about each element and the four freedoms endorsed by the tradition: physical and bodily freedom, mental freedom, emotional freedom and energetic freedom, and how to practice the Sadhanas of Tantra.

Tantric yoga is so well known that it is often, incorrectly, thought of as just a different type of yoga. This course explains how it is an integral part of both traditional and modernised Tantric teachings. You’ll learn tantric yoga practices and the theories and philosophies that govern it. The power of Shakti, the source of energy for all lifeforms, and its relation to Tantra is discussed.

The course details the concepts and theologies of Kundalini yoga and the similarities and differences it has with Tantric yoga. It explains how these two practices, while unique, are interrelated and heavily influenced by one another.

The practice of Tantric meditation is explained, including the physical and energy bodies, the differences and similarities between these, and how they are affected by this form of meditation. Also covered, is the concept of Chakras, the importance of these and where each of the 114 Chakras are located in the body, with the most significant of these being explained in more detail.

The knowledge gained from the Tantra Diploma Course is not meant to be purely academic but to be incorporated into everyday life. You will learn several methods that will enable you to do this simply and without strenuous effort, but with the effects of making you happier, healthier, more stable, and more successful.

Having felt the benefits of following the Tantric tradition, it is only natural to want to pass on its teaching to others. This course explains how you can do this through blogging, social media, and talking on radio and television shows or simply sharing your experiences with your friends and family.

You will also learn how you can do this professionally, setting up your own Tantric yoga classes. The course includes information on the equipment and type of space you’ll need, how to understand the competition, marketing your business, and a few techniques that will help you create and increase your reputation within the yoga industry and amongst the public.

The Tantra Diploma Course is suitable for anyone willing to open themselves up to the possibilities it presents and the life improvements that following this tradition can bring. With theories and concepts explored alongside the practical elements of this practice, this course will give you all the tools you’ll need to enhance your spiritual development - increasing your awareness of your surroundings and realising that you are one with the universe.

With the knowledge and practical elements of Tantra explained, you can use the course as a foundation for running your own Tantric yoga classes. This professional aspect is also explained, giving you a platform from which to run your own business from.
Tantra Diploma Course

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